World's Largest Asymmetrical Single Tower Suspension Bridge To Be made In Taipei, Taiwan-7

Recently, an international competition was held to design the a new bridge on the Tamsui bridge, in Taipei, Taiwan.  Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) have won the competition by designing the Danjiang Bridge which would be the world's longest single tower [...]

20 Shocking Interior Design Fails That Would Blow you Way-1

Interior design is an art, that requires diligence in planning as well as meticulous implementation of the plan. The designer not only has to be creative but also tiresome attention to the details is necessary. Otherwise, this may result in [...]

12 Green Tree Houses Built Around The Trees Without Cutting Them-4

It is quite unfortunate that as the consequence of urban development more and more trees are being cut to make way for the man made infrastructures. There are architects who are seeking creative solutions to solve this issue by working [...]

World's 5 Most Dangerous Roads For The Seekers Of Adventure -4

Here we are presenting a list of the five most dangerous roads in the world. It is really scary to travel on these breathtaking roads and chances of accidents as well as deaths are quite high. This road serves the [...]

This Virtually 'Unstealable Bike' Does Not Require External Lock-

This revolutionary bike design does not require any external lock, rather the bike itself can be bent around some lamppost or pole and locked using a secure mechanism. Its Chilean designers claim that not only the design is elegant but [...]

Dare To Spend A Night In These Dizzying Capsules More Than 100 Meters High-6

The thrill seekers will now be able to enjoy their passion at night with these capsules installed on the mountainside. Located in the Peruvian Andes, at a height of 122 meters, these three "skylodges" are ideal for relaxing in a [...]

LEGO MAGIC!!! Two Meters Tall Tower Of Orthanc Saruman Built In LEGO-1

Some people are much more meticulous than others this is evident by the work of Brenden McMahon, a LEGO enthusiast, who created a replica of the tower of Saruman in Isengard, also known as the Tower of Orthanc. With its [...]

An Amazing High-Tech Cave Built By A Kiwi Engineer In Midst Of A Forest -

Indeed, when we think about caves the first thought that comes into our mind is about the people who used to live there at the beginning of humanity, devoid of any modern gadgets or tools. However, this time a graphic [...]

Vortex Bladeless: This Innovative Wind Turbine Produces Electricity Without Propeller-

The wind turbines, as we know them, with huge blades may soon be a thing of the past. Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish company that has come up with this innovative turbine without propeller. Actually, it uses the phenomenon of Vorticity [...]

Origami-Inspired Bridge Can Be Setup In Record Time In Disaster Areas-2

It is a fact that during the natural disasters like earthquakes and floods, bridges are badly damaged or destroyed as a result land access to those areas, as well as, evacuation of the effected people is often at stake. Engineers [...]

This New Japanese hotel Has No Human Staff And No Room Keys-1

Have you ever imagined a a hotel that does not has any staff and no room keys. Well, this idea is a reality now in Japan where a new hotel has opened that only has robots as its staff. This [...]

A Passionate Of Borderlands Reproduces Claptrap Robot Using Simple LEGO-4

Do you remember this crazy robot from Borderlands? Yes, the one who calls you "henchman" without sparing you from his scathing remarks. Simon Liu, is a LEGO passionate and has created its own version of claptrap at the Brickworld Chicago 2015, [...]

Incredible!!! A 3D-printed home Assembled In Only Three Hours -

We know that 3D printing has been used in building smaller substances like toys, implants and tools etc.  But now a Chinese company "The Zhouda Group" has broken the ice by making the parts of a 200 sqm house using [...]

Casa Brutale: A Stunning Concept Of Home Hanging From Cliffside Over The Sea-1

Indeed, it is chilling to stand over the edge of the cliff and see the ocean below. It is both adventurous and dangerous at the same time but it is a unique experience. Well, Architects from Greece at Open Platform Architecture [...]

World's First Entirely Plastic Road To Be Constructed In Rotterdam Using Recycled Waste-1

Indeed the problem of plastic wastes at the beaches is getting dangerous day by day. These small and large pieces of plastic can be regarded as the silent killers as they can be ingested by the fish and other sea [...]

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