digital marketing

White label services are business services provided by a third party behind the scenes. Similarly, when stores offer private label products, it is not made clear who provides private products. For example, a company presents and utilizes SEO services, written [...]

FPGA programing

You have to plan an advanced circuit, yet you are uncertain about whether to pick CPU programming versus Field Programming Gate Arrays(FPGA). At times, you can actualize precisely the same usefulness utilizing a CPU or an FPGA the Main difference [...]

Motorcycle Battery

Just like other vehicles such as cars, motorcycles need batteries in order to run. However, while there are plenty of high-quality motorcycle batteries on the market, not all of them are the right fit for each type of bike. If [...]

coding bootcamps vs cs degrees

Coding bootcamps offer students an effective way to develop the skills they need to enter a career in tech and web development. Generally structured to focus on the coding languages that are in-demand by employers today, coding bootcamps are specially-designed [...]

inbound job market

What top professions will be in great demand in 2019? Whether you are a graduate or a specialist looking for a career change, our list of promising jobs in the near future will come in handy. Vocational orientation has the [...]

Home Wallpaper 6

Moving house can be stressful, and we’re not just talking about the physical act of relocating. Although lugging furniture back and forth and packing your life into boxes and bin liners is undoubtedly arduous, there’s even more to do once [...]

greenpeak smart homes figure 2 625

Introduction 2016 may not have been the best year for us overall, but it was a year which presented great strides in the field of home automation, both in terms of the overall advances which were made, and in the [...]

The 8 Most Sumptuous Works Of Legendary Architect Antoni Gaudi--7

Antoni Gaudi is a major artist of the twentieth and the nineteenth century. This original and fantastic architect is distinguished from all the others by his creations sometimes colored, sometimes ultra stylized. Pioneer of the new art in Spain, he [...]

Beautiful Bird Homes 8

Bird huts made of three planks of wood take another dimension with Douglas Barnhard. This American cabinetmaker decided to give style to the homes of these little beasts inspired by the biggest names of the architecture. You would love to [...]

23 Most Beautifully Decorated For Christmas Season--19

With delicious small dishes, gift wrappers and sometimes snow, there are many reasons to rejoice when the Christmas season comes. Some houses adorn themselves for the occasion with the most beautiful lights and other festive garlands. We propose to you a [...]

NASA Recruitment Posters Will Inspire You To Conquer Mars-

The conquest of space is open to all! In November 2015, NASA announced that it would recruit candidates to work on the Moon and Mars in the 2030s and its recruitment campaign is just great. Here are the posters it [...]

Blue Suit: A Beautiful Cabin Nestled In Trees In The Heart Of A Lavender Field--2

This amazing house is perched in the trees of western part of Italy, near the the town of Arlena di Castro. We present to you this amazing house named as Blue suit. Arlena di Castro  is an Italian town of less than [...]

Dolni Morava Sky Wal 1

Located about 1,100 meters above the sea level and on the the Morava River in the Czech Republic, Dolni Morava Sky Walk is located in the mountain of Králický Sněžník. Seeing from far it looks very much like a roller coaster. This [...]

26 Lonely Houses Around The World That Are A Small Paradise--23

Sometimes, the simplest objects are the most magnificent works. A Portuguese artist has understood and realized the incredible beauty of single detached houses. We present to you his bold and original work. Manuel Pita is a photographer as well as [...]

Wander The Enchanting Streets of Ljubljana, The Little Known Capital Of Slovenia--23

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a country in the Eastern Europe. Nicknamed as the "Dragon City", this city with a rich history surrounded by the Alps deserves to be known. The Kairos studio pays tribute to this magnificent city [...]

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