Beautiful Bird Homes 8

Bird huts made of three planks of wood take another dimension with Douglas Barnhard. This American cabinetmaker decided to give style to the homes of these little beasts inspired by the biggest names of the architecture. You would love to [...]

23 Most Beautifully Decorated For Christmas Season--19

With delicious small dishes, gift wrappers and sometimes snow, there are many reasons to rejoice when the Christmas season comes. Some houses adorn themselves for the occasion with the most beautiful lights and other festive garlands. We propose to you a [...]

NASA Recruitment Posters Will Inspire You To Conquer Mars-

The conquest of space is open to all! In November 2015, NASA announced that it would recruit candidates to work on the Moon and Mars in the 2030s and its recruitment campaign is just great. Here are the posters it [...]

Blue Suit: A Beautiful Cabin Nestled In Trees In The Heart Of A Lavender Field--2

This amazing house is perched in the trees of western part of Italy, near the the town of Arlena di Castro. We present to you this amazing house named as Blue suit. Arlena di Castro  is an Italian town of less than [...]

Dolni Morava Sky Wal 1

Located about 1,100 meters above the sea level and on the the Morava River in the Czech Republic, Dolni Morava Sky Walk is located in the mountain of Králický Sněžník. Seeing from far it looks very much like a roller coaster. This [...]

26 Lonely Houses Around The World That Are A Small Paradise--23

Sometimes, the simplest objects are the most magnificent works. A Portuguese artist has understood and realized the incredible beauty of single detached houses. We present to you his bold and original work. Manuel Pita is a photographer as well as [...]

Wander The Enchanting Streets of Ljubljana, The Little Known Capital Of Slovenia--23

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a country in the Eastern Europe. Nicknamed as the "Dragon City", this city with a rich history surrounded by the Alps deserves to be known. The Kairos studio pays tribute to this magnificent city [...]

Grotta Palazzese-Amazing Italian Restaurant Carved Into A Cliff--4

Without doubt Italy is known worldwide for its beauty. But some trans-alpine cities are simply more beautiful than others. This is the case of Polignano a Mare, a city in Southern Italy, with a truly magical hotel and restaurant there. [...]

Engineering quote 23

52 engineering quotes for the lovers of engineering discipline. They are inspiring, motivational and would surely get you to start the day in flying manner. These are indeed some of the finest quotes from the engineering world. They indeed come [...]

These Halloween Decorations Convert Homes Into Real Horror Meuseums-43

Halloween is the best time to bring out the hidden artist in you. Some people are content with putting one or two pumpkins or depositing a few cobwebs on their doorstep, but some others take this event much more seriously. We [...]

28 Giant Ships Which Surpass Titanic For A Small Pleasure Boat-

The ocean liners are often fascinating due to their huge size. Their speed, size and design have evolved with the technological developments, becoming more and more spacious and comfortable for passengers. We present to you a list of some of these [...]

Fabulous Norwegian Buildings That will Transport You Straight Into A Fairy Tale-21

Between spectacular fjords, vast pine forests, glaciers and sea ice, Norway continues to marvel us with its incredible beauty of nature and landscapes. This Scandinavian country also harbors an incredible and magical architecture that takes us to the tales and [...]

The architect Jose Maria Trejos used 8 containers to design this house in Costa Rica

Some ingenious people had the brilliant idea of ​​recycling containers to make homes. In addition to reduced costs, these homes can be shaped as desired according to the modern trends. We make you discover several containers homes at a comfortable price. [...]

Use These Giant LEGO Bricks To Build Human Size Furniture And Erect Buildings-1

 We know that there are millions of adults who would have played with LEGO in their childhood, to build castles, giant towers and other little extraordinary buildings? Rosan has realized the dream of millions of children who have now reached [...]

Admire These 2000 Year Old Somptous Buildings In India Destined To Disappear-3

Victoria Lautman, an American journalist, has traveled to India for many years. On her first trip, she had the chance to discover an amazing underground architecture. We take a look at her extraordinary photographs and the history of these strange constructions [...]

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