Visit The Amazing Abandoned Ghost Metro Stations Of Paris-3

The Paris Metro is has more than a century old history. This transit system is used by more than 4 million users daily and is an iconic symbol of the Parisian life. Here, we are going to explore a unique aspect [...]

A Passionate Of Jetpack Flies Over Mount Fuji Using His Own Built Jetpack-10

Always seeking a greater feeling of freedom, the Swiss Yves Rossy made himself a jet pack that allows him to escape into the air. In his latest video, he takes you into the sky for an unforgettable Japanese experience over Mount [...]

star fighter the future bus -1

 To go somewhere on a public transport, you often think a lot whether you will get a seat or not? If you are in a hurry and not getting a seat then this situation is very disturbing in daily hustle [...]

You will not believe your eyes but the photographs that you are seeing were made using scaled models of the cars from 40s. These superb works have been created by Michael, an American photographer, who has put these models in [...]

Have you ever wondered the places in the world where roads are terminated? Well, we present to you a list  locations where roads end and gives way to the ocean. Alan Taylor, is a manager of a popular website In Focus. [...]

Have you always dreamed of roaming in the city of Tokyo? Well this this surreal video by Japanese Darwish 105 allows you to visit the Japanese capital, aboard its famous automatic train. The Shinkotsu Yurikamome is the first metro line in Tokyo [...]

Today, we either use our comfortable computer keyboard or the touch screen for typing. However, this has not been always so. Before the advent of computers we used the famous typewriters. Here, we are showing the historic evolution of the [...]

A research group at Keio University is developing a system that makes the back-seat of a car transparent. The system achieves optical camouflage using recursive reflections. The technology was developed by Professor Masahiko Inami. This system has been optimized to make the rear [...]

  To those who say that driving a car affects the health, the Japanese auto-maker Nissan has responded by equipping its models with anti stress seats and air conditioners supplying vitamin C . "We want drivers to feel that it is healthier [...]

The rich owners of the lucky cars have tendency to customize their cars according to their taste. Even if the end result is a car that appears horrible to other spectators.  The last case of this kind is a Ferrari F430 covered [...]

An old Chinese farmer, aged 55 years, has built a unique car that is powered by wind. This invention may turn around his fortunes to make him a millionaire. Previously, there have been attempts to power cars using alternative energy sources.  However, [...]

In United States, a man was surprised to see every morning that his car was vandalized by someone during the night. He then setup a night vision camera in the parking to find who committed this act. However, to his [...]

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