A Novel Blind Spot Motion Detection System Warns Truck Driver Of Accident-2

In many cases, the reason of truck collisions is the problem of driver's field of view. In order to enhance the safety of future trucks, it is very important that they must be equipped with a system for monitoring the blind [...]

Scientists Have Found A Way To Recycle Tires Into Batteries-2

The American researchers have just accomplished the challenge of creating a power source from a used product. They have been able to design batteries using recycled tires. Indeed an awesome scientific discovery! This new scientific discovery by researchers at Oak [...]

Renault's New Eolab Car Travels A Remarkable 100 km Per Liter Of Fuel-1

Just before the Paris Motor Show, to be held in Paris from October 4 to 19, Renault has launched a prototype of its thermal-electric hybrid sedan, named as Eolab. With its compact engine, good aerodynamics and even small retractable rear wings, [...]

Audi Gets License To Test Drive Its First Autonomous car A7 in California-1

Audi has announced on its website that the State of California has issued it the first autonomous car license. The Audi A7 is the first autonomous car to be allowed to drive in this American state. New laws regarding the autonomous [...]

Daewoo's To Launch World's Biggest Cargo Ship Which is 70 Meters High-3

On land, in the air or on the seas, the means of transportation are constantly evolving. A Korean industrial group is finalizing the construction of the world's largest Cargo ship ever. We tell you more about this steel monster that [...]

This Amazing Conference Table Is Actually A Huge Jet Engine-1

Often we think that there is no use for a an obsolete jet engine. Yet MotoArt, an American company specializing in the recycling of aircraft parts, had this brilliant idea to recycle an impressive Boeing 747 engine into a conference table. [...]

Intelleligent Seat Belt Avoids Accidents By Waking Up A Dozing Driver-

While researchers continue to develop all sorts of connected gadgets, there are only a few gadgets that are intended to keep us safe. Never mind!!! Since a Spanish laboratory has developed a smart belt fitted with a sensors to combat driver [...]

A Trendy Submarine Designed By A Former Enemy Of James Bond-

With this futuristic submarine, the sea exploration takes another dimension. Designed by Graham Hawkes, the villain who chases James Bond in the film "For Your Eyes Only", this underwater trendy boat and allows you to navigate the bottom of the ocean [...]

French Researchers Use Ant Secretions To Make Green Fuel-

French scientists have made a fantastic discovery. With the acid secreted by ants, they are able to manufacture Methanol, an essential component of the clean fuel of the future. This method is particularly interesting because it has a zero carbon footprint. In other [...]

Scientists Are Building An Entire City To Test New Driverless Cars In Real Conditions-1

The driverless cars will soon be a part of our daily lives and to ensure their proper working in real world, researchers have devised a very surprising way. They have begun building an entire uninhabited city, to test these vehicles of [...]

An American Couple Builds The Prototype Of Futuristic Intelligent Roads-5

What if the roads of the future were not only environment friendly but also interact and facilitate you in a multitude of ways. Well this is the crazy project that an American couple wishes to carry out. We present to you Solar [...]

Scientists Are Developing Life Saving Car Seats To Detect Driver Drowsiness-1

A consortium of Europeen universities, companies and technology centers is working on the problem for detecting drowsiness of the drivers. Named as the project Harken, the plan is to incorporate heart rate and respiration sensors into the seat belt of [...]

Moscow R1 tram

"iPhone on rails" is a new design concept for trams that will be running in streets of the Moscow by next year. UVZ has developed this train with an aim to provide a highly quality modern transportation system to the Russian [...]

bmw induction chargin

BMW is going to introduce an inductive charging system that can be recharged wirelessly. It will remove the hassle of cables and will let the vehicles charge from a distance. The company has already developed electric charging system in its i3 all-electric [...]


The Mercedes Benz Future Truck 2025 named as Daimlers makes its first autonomous drive on highway. It is expected that this new autonomous driving technology will reduce accidents and operational costs for the future trucks which will constitute 70% part [...]

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