5 Dream Cars That Automakers Only Created For Video Games-2

One of the very tempting reason that make us play video games is that they allow us to drive cars that otherwise we would not have the chance to drive in real life. But besides the real luxury car models [...]

10 Dream Cars Without Which Bond Would Never Have Become James Bond-1

The English spy James Bond alias 007 is well known to drive beautiful cars in his cinematic adventures. And since 1962, he had tried a number of elegant cars! We bring to you some of the most mythical cars among [...]

Volkswagen V-Charge Electric Car To Park Itself And Charge Its Battery Autonomously-1

With the advent of Volkswagen's V-load program, it would be possible that a vehicle could in future be able to park itself at a location that has a induction charging station and then leave when the charging is complete. The [...]

Japanese Company Develops Cheap Biofuel From Algae-3

The Japanese company Euglena has developed biofuels from microalgae. The goal is to enable you to use the seaweed as fuel by 2018. Soon you will be going to beach to collect Algae. For us, Algae only serves as a [...]

United Kingdom: Autonomous Vehicles To Be Tested On Public Roads-

The Government of His Majesty has given the green light for the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. These tests will be conducted on selected routes and the public can not participate. The UK has just taken a decisive step [...]

A Drone Ambulance Straight From The Movie Avatar-

Conceived by a design studio, this quadrocopter of the size of a helicopter is supposed to speed up the evacuation of the wounded to a hospital from the accident scenes. CONCEPT: In accidents, the lives are often lost within the next few minutes [...]

A Revolutionary Battery Prototype To Double The Electric Car Range-

An experimental lithium-ion battery developed by a US start-up can store twice the amount of energy as compared to the current electric car batteries. Based on a solid electrolyte, this innovation could help extend the range of electric cars beyond 300 [...]

BMW's Innovative Technology Will Enable Driver To park His Car Using His Watch-

BMW is working on a standalone system where a driver would use a connected watch to direct his car to go park itself and come back to the same place when asked. Fans of the television series K2000 will recall [...]

Researchers Develop A Novel Non-Intrusive Mechanism To Detect Aggressive Drivers-

Researchers from Madrid Polytechnic University have developed a novel mechanism to detect rash driving. The procedure is non-intrusive and only requires measuring the speed and acceleration of the car. The trials show that new method has 92% accuracy. We tell [...]

Top 10 Odd Looking Aircrafts That Could Fly-9

Since the advent of aviation industry in the early 2oth century, the engineers have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology to design and develop more efficient and fast aircrafts. Some of those aircrafts looked bizarre but despite that they were able to [...]

Augmented Reality To Save Lives By Making Cars Transparent-3

Imagine driving a completely transparent car where you can easily see every blind corner. Well, this is now possible thanks to a system developed by the Japanese engineers. We tell you more about this futuristic technology. This technology is called transparent [...]

AeroMobil 3.0: A Futuristic Flying Cars To Avoid Traffic Jams Unveiled-1

Getting to the next social evening using a flying car is quite an appealing idea, right? This dream could become a reality very soon thanks to AeroMobil 3.0, a vehicle of the future, halfway between the small plane and the sports [...]

A Revolutionary Way To Produce Biofuel Directly From Grass!!!-1

A new milestone has been achieved in the research for new energy sources. US scientists have managed to change the cell walls of the plants for biofuel production. The future energy sources may just lie in the grass under your feet.  [...]

This New London Tube Features Will Surely Blow Your Mind-3

In London, the first images of the new metro trains have been unveiled. This new futuristic version of trains will hit the london rail track from 2022 and are planned to reamain in service for the next forty years. Good news for [...]

This Little Dancing Red Man Makes Wait For Red Light A Fun-4

Who would not have violated the red traffic light, atleast once in a life, to avoid wait for it turning to green? To discourage people from adopting this dangerous behavior, a car manufacturer had the brilliant idea of ​​giving life to [...]

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