The story of the Yugo is one of automotive lore. Looking back now, it has been over 35 years since the car was first introduced. It's hard to believe people were lined up for a brief period of time to [...]

Farewell pubilicity! Cat posters invade the London Underground--4

If you frequently visit the large cities, you would have certainly noticed the opulence of advertisements on the walls of subway stations. Many users are weary of these giant posters and promotions in London. The things finally took a rather [...]

Desolate Beauty of These Abandoned Locomotives In Bolivian Desert--2

A mysterious graveyard of old trains is located in the heart of southern Bolivia, where hundreds of cars and steam locomotives, mostly British, are rusting out of sight at the exit of the town of Uyuni. This spectacle is unique [...]

13 Van Models That Would Make You Want To Travel World Roads--7

We must recognize that the van is a useful and convenient way of transportation, which also serves as a sign of social distinction.Given so many different types in which they come in, many models go unnoticed while very few of [...]

Olli Is A 3D Printed Electric Minibus That Can Be Printed In A Day--1

The IBM IT group and the US manufacturer of 3D printed car, Local Motors, has created Olli, a 3D printed electric minibus with the assistance of the supercomputer named Watson. This minivan of the future is a real technological feat! [...]

Explore The Mysterious Cemetery Of Abandoned Cars In The Depths Of Liverpool--6

It is true that heart of many old European cities often contains archaeological treasures from, Roman, Greek or Norse era. However, one rarely discovers the cemetery of Cars. That's what happened to Nigel Willsbrowne, who during some excavations in the basements of [...]

9 Innovations That Have Marked The History Of The Automobiles From Inflatable Tires To Combustion Engine-4

The automotive industry has changed more than the way we travel around. With it, the lifestyles of our societies has messed up. We present to you 9 automobile innovations that have marked the industry. This is the first car in [...]

Old Car City-A Stunning Museum Of Classic Cars-15

An automobile enthusiast in the US owns the largest cemetery of classic cars in the world. We take you to the visit of this mystical place where some of the finest vehicles of automative history sleep in cohabitation with nature. The [...]

Discover The Abandoned Military Base Where Apple Wants To Test Its Secret Car-8

It has been recently reported that Apple is working on a self-driving car. Indeed, Apple would need to comprehensively test this car before the launch. This might be the reason why Apple has become interested in an abandoned military base near California. [...]

Amazing Photos Of Porsche's Glossy $100-million Headquarters In Atlanta-11

Recently, Porsche has inaugurated its glossy new office in Atlanta, USA for the North American region. If you are car lover then it would be a good idea to visit this new facility, the next time you fly to Atlanta. [...]

Amazing Pictures of World War 2 Bomber At Bottom Of Nevada Lake-1

B-29 also known as the "Super-fortress", was a Bomber extensively used by the United States during the World War 2. Most notably it was also used for the transport of the Atomic Bomb. However, this particular B-29 that we are [...]

Big Rig Jig: This Monsterous Sculpture Is Made From Two Old Tanker Trucks-5

Mike Roass, an artist based in Brooklyn, used two 18 wheeler trucks and then combined them into a gigantic sculpture that was terrifying, amazing and impressive to the viewers. The sculpture has been named as the Big Rig Jig. Known [...]

Russian One: The New High-Tech And Luxurious Russian Tram In Photos-7

Indeed, the new Russian commuter tram named as the Russian One appears to come from some science fiction movie. It has some very high-tech and glossy features like it uses the sliding glass doors, covered sofas for the comfort of [...]

A Lamborghini That Changes Color Like A chameleon With Changing Temperature-

Rene Turrek is a German artist who in one of his recent videos showed how a Lamborghini changes colour when it is painted with heat-sensitive paint. When warm water is splashed on the car it highlights the hidden artwork. This [...]

20 Creative Hacks To Reuse Old Tyres-17

We all know that the Tyres are a big problem once their useful lifetime is over. Throwing them on the garbage dump can be problematic as over a long period of time they can release toxic chemicals into the surrounding [...]

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