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Sleeping well affects your mental and physical well-being and is related to a lot of factors, including the room environment (light, noise, temperature, etc.), medical conditions, and many more. Try and fall short of sleep, and it may take a [...]

Dubike: A High-Tech Ecological Bike That Monitor Your Fitness-11

Things are changing across the globe and if you don’t change along with them, you might become irrelevant and be eventually pushed out of the market. The changes have spread its wings even to the fitness industry where you have [...]

10 Real Easy Hacks To Keep You Cool During This Summer-

Summer is no doubt an awesome time with sweet walks during the mornings and in the evenings. However, when its not raining there are times and places where summer heat almost overpowers you. Especially, if this happens during the night [...]

Revolutionary Implant To Restore Sight Of Blind People-3

Soon it would be possible to restore the eyesight of visually impaired, thanks to this revolutionary technology. For this, an electronic chip is implanted into the retina, and special glasses send visual information to the chip. This ingenious system has [...]

Top 17 Photographs Showing Alarming Devastation Of Earth-12

The effects of global warming and polluting activities of human beings are increasingly worrisome. Yet despite this irreparable environmental damage, many people refuse to open their eyes. The site "Population Speak Out" has decided to show the harsh reality behind [...]

Could This Revolutionary Sticker Help Diabetics Avoid Daily Blood Tests?-1

A team of researchers at the University of California, specializing in nanotechnology, have developed an epidermal sticker that can measure glucose levels in the blood. Still in its prototype stage, this device could eventually help diabetics to prevent daily blood tests. [...]

The Drinkable Book by Water Is Life Can Save Million Of Lives By Cleaning The Dirty Water-4

Each year 3.4 million people die because of diseases caused by contaminated water. Water is Life has attempted to remedy this problem by creating "The Drinkable Book", each page of the book is a special filter to eliminate almost all kinds [...]

This Amazing Bacteria Feeds Exclusively On Electricity For Its Survival-1

To survive, every living being needs to consume electricity in some form. Humans ingest electrons when they consume sugar. But a type of bacteria named as Mariprofundus ferrooxidans feed directly on electricty from charged electrode. Amazing! Electrons play a vital role in the [...]

Bioartificial Pancreas Will Revolutionize The Daily Life Of Diabetics-1

Researchers have developed a new technology that will change the lives of diabetics. They have developed a bio-artificial pancreas that can be implanted into the body of a diabetic. This will replace daily insulin injections into the blood. We tell [...]

Stunning Video Showing step by step Heart Transplantation Procedure-

Heart transplant is considered to be one of the most complicated surgeries. It involves cutting a sick heart, removing it from the body of the patient and replacing it with a healthy heart from someone else. With the help of [...]

magnetic implant

A new magnetic implant has been used to restore the hearing of a young TV star, Billy Coughlin. Besides the star, the technology is also a beacon of hope for thousands of others. The technology used is the new version of Bone [...]

iPhone Application To Effectively Control Sugar Levels In Diabetic-

Researchers have developed a great tool that will be of great service to individuals with diabetes. Called "bionic pancreas" it allows patients to monitor their blood sugar better than ever. We present this device that proves that technology can be also [...]

you can monitor the gestures, emotions, size and motion of 4 individuals with the help of new system-

MIT researchers claim that they have made a system that can monitor the vital signs through the walls. The system basically transmits a low power wireless signals through the wall. Some of this signals gets reflected back by the human beings [...]

Scientists Discover A Laser Based Regenerating Treatment For Teeth-

Researchers have made a stunning discovery: pointing a laser on a damaged tooth is able to initiate a self-healing phenomenon to restore the health of the tooth. A promising innovation that could revolutionize dentistry by reducing costs and inconvenience of [...]

Wear: A Voice Recording Hearing Aid That Can Be Worn Like Necklace-

Technology continues to evolve! Engineers have now designed a new hearing device which can be worn like a necklace. It allows deaf people to hear a conversation and even register it for replay later. We let you know of this incredible innovation!  [...]

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