An incredible tree is becoming famous across the US which is able to produce 40 type of different fruits. The magical tree can produce different varieties of plum, apricots, peaches, cherries and nectarines. The amazing tree is made with the venture of [...]

A heavy-lift ship, Blue Marlin Ibiza,  has been introduced that can submerge into the water and lets the ships, oil rigs and yachts float over its flat cargo deck. The heavy ship sinks itself into the water with the help [...]

Here are few interesting and funny looking technologies of the past.    

Climbing up the vertical walls is no longer an issue as US military is under-way to develop some gloves that can help you out in this regard. The anticipated gloves are inspired by gecko’s feet. A special type of cloth [...]

Boomer: A cute Dinosaur That Follows And Obeys Orders-

This toy will definitely be a source of delight for many children. For the lovers of technology, Boomer is a very cute robot dinosaur that can interact with you in many ways. A real mechanical pet that you can adopt. Boomer is a [...]

A Giant Aluminium Made Skeleton Of Serpent On the Beach of Loire, France-10

Some sculptures sometimes look very lifelike. This is the case of the giant serpent skeleton created by a Japanese artist which is now placed at the bank of river Loire, France. We take you to explore this impressive sea dragon that [...]

Absolutely Beautiful Staircase Designs That You Would Love To Climb-

While nowadays most people love to ride elevator floors, still some people prefer to use the staircases as they are more near to a healthy lifestyle. We present to you the top 20 beautiful staircases with a sublime architecture that [...]

Embark on a unique journey through these beautiful photographs to explore the underground metro of Montreal. Breathtaking isn't it? Chamelat Alexandre is a young French photographer living in Toulouse . He studied photography at ETPA Toulouse . He has captured a series of striking photographs [...]

A number of small inventions have been shown in this article, may be they are useful for some of you while useless for others. We can't exactly tell the actual importance of these little gadgets in true sense. However, the [...]

 Why some people think that pictures of kittens on the web are of no use? To answer this question Japanese researchers have explored the impact of the photographs of "kawaii"(meaning cute in Japanese language) on people's mind and the results are impressive. [...]

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