Enjoy The Stunning Beauty Of Finland's Landscapes In Starry Nights-3

Mikko is an exceptional photographer who wanders throughout Finland to take breathtaking pictures. When night falls and the stars appear in the sky, the artist comes out with camera in hand, to capture unique moments. Combining heaven and earth, nature [...]

There Is An Abandoned Church In Indonesia That Looks Like A Huge Chicken -2

At the heart of the mountains of Central Java, Indonesia, one can find a church in ruins, abandoned, having the shape of a giant chicken. Called Gereja Ayam ("Chicken Church") by the locals, the church attracts photographers and explorers from [...]

To Unite The Community Against Violence Artists Paint A Mural On 200 Houses -

Palmitas is Mexican city that had developed a reputation of being plagued by violence. In order to improve the deteriorated image of the city the Mexican Government approached an association of artists named as the "Germen Crew". This youth organization has [...]

Bibliobeach-This Municipal Beach Library Lets You Enjoy Books At Beach-1

The city of Istres in France has opened a public library on one of its beaches. A good way to combine culture with relaxation. And a good reason to read books at the beach. Many people amuse themselves at the [...]

7 Most Popular Locations Used As Venues For The Shooting Of Films-5

While watching a movie, did you ever had the feeling that you had seen the background scenery before in some other movie? Do not be surprised, because several shooting locations have been used since decades in many films across all genres. [...]

10 Most Cool Cities In The Europe-7

Here we are going to present the 10 most cool cities of the Europe. The criteria of the classification has been based upon many factors like: the price of housing, the number of students and food prices among others. Lisbon [...]

Artist Brings Smiles To Babies By Transforming Their medical Helmets Into Artworks-10

A California based artist has decided to turn medical helmets for babies into true works of art! Very creative, she has personalized over 1300 helmets. We share with you some examples of his incredible work that gives a smile to these [...]

Armada Istanbul Old City Hotel, Istanbul -Gorgeous Hotels-13

You want to escape the heat of this summer and are looking for an exceptional place for an unforgettable stay in the countries you will visit next? Discover 18 most sumptuous hotels to choose from.  Silken Diagonal, Barcelona (Spain) H10 [...]

See How Nature Relcaims A Beautiful Abandoned Fishing Village In China?-7

In one of our previous articles we had shown that how greedy the nature is to reclaim the places abandoned by the human beings.  Now, we share with you the exciting adventure of Tang Yuhong whereby she shows us how [...]

Top 19 Worst Real Estate Photos-4

Home is a place we like to relax after the day at work. Naturally, everyone is looking for a quiet, aesthetic and comfortable real estate as his home.   However, on the fun side we are listing some of the [...]


France is famous for Eiffel Tower, its gastronomy, castles, beaches and beautiful scenic beauty. That is what makes France one of the most sought after destinations. France tops the list of the most visited country in the world. Over 84 [...]

These Geometric Ink Tattoos Will Blow You Away-8

Dr. Woo has proved that slogans are not essential for fantastic tattoos. In fact, he has used his wonderful geometric ink in gray scale to design mind blowing tattoos. Even celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Drake and Sarah Hayland fell under [...]

This Man's Art Of Restoring Old Books will Blow You Away-

As a kid we had always been told that book are the best companions. Good books always inculcate morality, thought-fullness, and knowledge. Indeed, there are many books that keep our company for years and we develop a special relationship with [...]

22 Sublime And Unusual Hotels That Will Make You Dreaming-10

There are many unusual places around the world where you can spend the night. You have a really wide choices hotels like ice hotel etc. We offers you a selection of 22 hotels out of the ordinary that will make you dream. [...]

20 Mind Blowing Photos From Dreaded Chinese University Entrance Exam-3

Gaokao is the name of the dreaded exam that Chinese students have to give in order to seek entry into the University. This year 9.8 million students undertook this exam to compete for 6.5 million university student positions in different subjects. [...]

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