Jeremy Gives New Life To Old Book Pages Turning Them Into Delicate Jewelry--15

Many artists have this amazing talent to reuse damaged or abandoned objects to create something beautiful and aesthetically interesting. The English artist Jeremy May definitely belongs to this category. He gives new life to old books by using them to [...]

An Incredible Book From Sixteenth Century That Can Be Read In Six Different Ways-4

Surely, while reading you have the habit of turning the pages of your book from right to left, but know that this is not the case for all the books. There is a strange book in the world that can [...]

This Man's Art Of Restoring Old Books will Blow You Away-

As a kid we had always been told that book are the best companions. Good books always inculcate morality, thought-fullness, and knowledge. Indeed, there are many books that keep our company for years and we develop a special relationship with [...]

Do you like seeing book albums of the most beautiful landscapes of our planet but are frustrated not to be able to immerse in the surrounding noises of those scenes? Well, this is now possible thanks to this book which [...]

FingerReader: Revolutionary Ring To Read The Books To The Blind-

A team of researchers has developed a ring-scanner that is able to read any text aloud and it allows blind people to enjoy a book without needing a Braille. We explain how this useful object works!  Although there have been many [...]

Discover Magnificent Libraries Worldwide Containing Immense Wealth Of human knowledge-2

Libraries are the places associated with knowledge, learning and a tranquil environment. In addition to that, some libraries are housed in buildings with majestic architecture and a strong sense of aesthetics. We make you discover some libraries of such kind worldwide. In [...]

The Literary Taste Of History's 4 Most Notorious Dictators-

History proves that Dictators are usually the admirers of atrocious and sordid literature. In spite that, we may still hope to find blobs of humanity in the literary taste of such personalities. To do so let us delve into the [...]

Today, we either use our comfortable computer keyboard or the touch screen for typing. However, this has not been always so. Before the advent of computers we used the famous typewriters. Here, we are showing the historic evolution of the [...]

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