Indeed the Abandoned places entice us and sometimes they shock us. But many of us would not venture to see them for ourselves. are eerie and enticing, but many of us wouldn't venture in to see them for ourselves. Simon is [...]

new business ideas

Starting a new business isn’t easy. You have a lot to think about, from how you’re going to create your product, to where you’re going to be located, to how you’ll attract customers. What makes this process even harder is [...]

Janaina Mello Landini's Amazing Rope Artworks (gallery)--8

The artist  Janaina Mello Landini  makes complex installations and sculptural works based on non-curved strings that branch out like roots of trees.  The fractal artworks developed over a period of six years is part of her series entitled "Ciclotrama ", a [...]


Across the world, there are a multitude of forests, each one of them more sublime and mysterious than the others. Some refresh human spirit by their colors, while others charms you thanks to their trees with incongruous shapes, their size or the [...]

Matthew Produces Ultra Detailed Sculptures From Simple Pieces Of Paper 3

If origami is certainly the most famous folding art, other techniques also sublimate the paper. Matthew Shlian lives a true love story with paper that he handles with unparalleled precision. Discover his incredible creations.  Graduated from Alfred University in 2002, [...]

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  ChameleonJohn today shares absolutely mind-blowing coupons list you have to abuse right away. The list includes discount codes and coupons you can use at such grand stores like Kohl’s, Sears, Target and it also has such high-quality designer brands [...]

The 5 Most Magical Spanish Castles--2

One of the most underrated parts of visiting Spain is gaining access to all of the magical castles that it has to offer. Once you've found a special deal to provide yourself with much needed savings on airfare and used [...]

Artist Creates Amazing Embroideries Shaped As Vegetables--7

Veselka Bulkan is an artist who uses incredible detail to create vegetable  shaped embroideries. She creates beautiful carrots, beets, radishes and other roots, for the simple pleasure! Lovers of art and nature will surely appreciate this.  The artist and designer [...]

15 Picturesque Villages That Seem Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale--5

The ancient villages are often more beautiful and picturesque than the current major cities. We makes you so find 15 of these small towns full of charm. They are still inhabited or unoccupied, inland or on the coast, in Asia or [...]

Jeremy Gives New Life To Old Book Pages Turning Them Into Delicate Jewelry--15

Many artists have this amazing talent to reuse damaged or abandoned objects to create something beautiful and aesthetically interesting. The English artist Jeremy May definitely belongs to this category. He gives new life to old books by using them to [...]

Damnoen Saduak-This Floating market Is A Symbol Of Traditional Thai Culture--3

Thailand is one of the pearls of Asia. Long territory surrounded by water, it is full of temples and imposing sites popular with tourists. The floating markets of Bangkok are a real delight for the senses. We present one of the [...]

Cecilia Gives A New Life To Pages By Transforming Them Into Delicate Everyday Objects-

Art is a discipline whose boundaries are governed solely by the imagination of the artist. At least that is what we find in the work of Cecilia Levy. This Swedish ingenious artist makes superb items from waste paper. We presents some [...]

Discover Sintra-Portuguese City Where Beautiful Architecture Perfectly Coexists With Nature--13

Situated 25 km from Lisbon, Sintra is a Portuguese city where wonderful architectural constructions merge with natural landscapes. Romantic old town full of history, palaces and greenery, its beautiful harmony has earned its ranking of "cultural landscape" cultural heritage of [...]

Gigantic Wooden Sculptures Made Using Simple Wood Debris--2

Every day, Thomas Dambo goes out to recover the used pieces of wood in his hometown of Copenhagen. He offers a new life to this wooden debris to create amazing sculptures that upset our sense of proportion. We present his [...]

Contemplate The Rich Landscape Of Sierra Leone, This Beautiful Territory Of West Africa--8

Africa is one of the poorest regions of the globe. But still this does not prevent it from offering some of the most beautiful scenic views of our planet. This is particular true for Sierra Leone, a country too long [...]

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