An American Woman Offers To Sell Her Children On Facebook



Misty Van Horn offered to sell her 10 month old daughter and 2 year old son for $ 4,000. She was arrested for trafficking of minors.

Misty Van Horn is 22 years old and lives in Sallisaw, east of State of Oklahoma, United States. She was arrested last Saturday for trafficking of minors after posting an ad on Facebook, offering his 10 month old daughter and 2 year old son for 4000 dollars. According to police reports, this was not her first attempt. Previously, She had also offered to sell the children separately: the little girl for a price of $ 1,000 and his older brother at $ 3,000. Several people responded to her ads. Even at the time of his arrest, Misty Van Horn was negotiating with a woman living in Arkansas. As this case involves more than a single State, the young mother will be presented before a federal court. Where she faces a much heavier sentence. The buyer will also be the subject of prosecution.”Come to Sallisaw, it is just thirty minutes from your home and I will give you all his affairs. You will have the child forever, only for $ 1,000″, promised the young Misty, as if she was just selling some product. According to police, Misty Van Horn wanted  to raise the money needed to pay the money for the bail of her boyfriend. Today, she is the one who needs $ 40,000 for her release. The children were given in the care of social services.
A man tries to sell his wife to keep his motorcycle 
This is not the first time that someone is trying to sell a child on the Internet. In September 2012, in France, a man tried to sell a 6 month old baby to the highest bidder. He had discovered that the child was not his.  A few months earlier, a user offered to sell his wife. His announcement was clear: “Hello, my wife asked me to choose between her and my bike. I offer my wife. “


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