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Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Phone Tracker Software

Aren’t mobile apps a marvelous invention? A must-have for all modern-day techies, they’ve done wonders for making our lives more efficient and enriched, which is why we like to keep our Android phones fully stocked at all times. But how [...]

Android Oreo 8.8, Updates of Android Oreo 8.8, Advantages of Using Android Oreo,

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around Android Oreo 8.0. So let us have a brief look at what is new in the new version of Android. With the recent Android Oreo 8.0 update coming up, there are [...]

Using Arabic, Urdu, Persian And Other Languages Fonts In Android App Development -

Very often app developers need to find the IP address of the Android device on which an app is installed. This post explains how you can find and display the IP address of a device programmatically. You can download complete [...]

Using Arabic, Urdu, Persian And Other Languages Fonts In Android App Development -

This tutorial will help you understand everything about the LinearLayout and makes it easier for you to create different views using this Layout. The LinearLayout is a layout based on the idea of a box, that is to say, buttons or other widgets belonging to this Layout are either aligned [...]

Using Arabic, Urdu, Persian And Other Languages Fonts In Android App Development -

Many times you would like to develop apps targeting a particular region or country. In that case, using the local language of that area is very user friendly. On first look, it might seem to be a daunting task but [...]

Messenger: Google's New Default Android App For SMS Messaging-

Since the availability of Android 4.4 last year, the application Hangouts has become a universal messaging application on Android for both using Google mail or managing SMS. In the next version of Google mobile system, it might also be put aside by something new. [...]

AirDroid: Remotely Control Your Android Smartphone Using A PC-1

Using your smartphone at office or at home can lead to missed calls. Also, its a bit hectic process to transfer or read your media files from a PC. One of the solution that exists for the sycnhronisation between android smartphone [...]

Samsung Smart watch

"Android wear" is a new OS platform, developed by Google for Samsung's new smart watch "Gear Live". The same design theme as in Gear 2 has been used in Gear Live; it is far more than a jewelry or a [...]

Power Sleep: Android App Uses Processing Power Of Your Mobile For Research-

We are see many new and different features in the smartphones with each new model. However, one thing is certain that their processors are getting more and more powerful. Unfortunately, most of the times this computational power is not fully [...]

New York Police Has been Issued SmartPhones To fight against crime.

Since a few months, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has been issued 400 Android smartphones on an experimental basis. The smartphones are installed with a special android application that enables them to access every information necessary in the fight [...]


Grammar rules in every language play an important part when it comes to writing instead of just speaking. The learning of the language is fascinating, and everyone can learn any language in a small period. But the real challenge starts [...]

Atlas-This Humanoid Robot Has Exactly Same Movements As Humans--4

Mankind is certainly at a crucial stage of the robotic revolution. A subsidiary of Google has designed an amazing robot with remarkable agility and a great sense of balance. We present this invention that could change the world in a [...]

htc wallpaper 1

We present high definition HTC wallpapers that can be used as background for Personal Computers (PC’s), laptop, iPad’s etc. These are available for free download and have a high definition resolution of 1080p (1920x1080). To download these wallpapers click on [...]

A Smart Umbrella That Sings To You And Tells Its Location When Lost-

Blunt designs an Umbrella that carries a 'Tile' bluetooth chip in its canopy. You can use an app to connect to and notify the Umbrella. If Umbrella is within 100-ft from the customer it would start playing a tune to [...]

7 iPhone Cases That Look To Come Directly From 007 Movies-

For the people who love spy gadgets, and tend to behave cooler than what actually they are. Here, we are going to present 7 iPhone Cases that appear to come from the spy movies. This smart and thin iPhone offers [...]

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