May 2016

American White Sands Desert Is A Sublime Expanse That Should Not Exist--14

In the western United States lies one of the most impressive deserts of the world, the White Sands. Incredibly beautiful, it is also spectacular by its geological composition. The White Sands is a sandy desert of New Mexico, to the [...]

15 Picturesque Villages That Seem Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale--5

The ancient villages are often more beautiful and picturesque than the current major cities. We makes you so find 15 of these small towns full of charm. They are still inhabited or unoccupied, inland or on the coast, in Asia or [...]

A Revolutionary One Fit For All Wireless Charging Solution for Your Gadgets--3

The recent decade has seen an explosive growth in all the different types of electronic gadgets and devices like wearable devices, cameras, smartphones etc. The amount of wearable devices is expected to triple by 2019. They are meant to make [...]

This Revolutionary Headset Translates Foreign Language ​In Real Time--1

Pilot is a revolutionary headset that literally breaks the language barrier by translating  several foreign languages in real time. You'll never be afraid to travel to the other side of the world when equipped with this revolutionary system as it [...]

Blue Suit: A Beautiful Cabin Nestled In Trees In The Heart Of A Lavender Field--2

This amazing house is perched in the trees of western part of Italy, near the the town of Arlena di Castro. We present to you this amazing house named as Blue suit. Arlena di Castro  is an Italian town of less than [...]

This Amazing Jewlry Contains Meticulous Cosmos Paintings Of Our Beautiful Universe--14

A New York artist had the wonderful idea of paying tribute to the beauty and grandeur of the space by painting the space constellations in tiny jewels. A work of breathtaking thoroughness that you can wear around your neck as [...]

These Revolutionary Gloves Convert Sign Language Into Voice and Text--3

Two young American students have invented a glove that is capable of transcribing sign language into written or spoken words. We present this innovative and ingenious object. Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi are two students from the University of Washington, [...]

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