April 2016

This Beautiful Jewelry Carefully Preserves The Beauty Of Nature--15

Stanislava Korobkova is an exceptional creator of jewels. She makes beautiful necklaces made from natural elements it enclosed in glass. We make you discover the work of this great artist. Stanislava is a jewelry designer based in Dublin,  Ireland. From [...]

Isabell Manufactures Adorable Rings That Contain Small Scenes Of Everyday Life--9

A German artist has had the original idea of ​​enclosing small scenes of everyday life in rings! A work of stunning detail that that manifests itself as a very original works. We present this amazing jewelry. These rings are the [...]

Bora Bora Island French Polynesia FO HB9STJ DX News

It is hard to find a person who has never dreamed of visiting just one fantastic tropical islands. All those movies, pictures on postcards and stories from people who were there really make us dream of traveling there at least [...]

This Lake Seems To Overlook The Faroe Islands In Arctic Ocean ...But This Is Due To An Incredible Optical Illusion!--6

Lake Sørvágsvatn is in the heart of the island of Vagar in the Faroe Islands between Norway and Iceland. Its area is about 3.4 km² making it one of the largest lakes in the Faroe Islands.   Its peculiarity: at a [...]

Huacachina-The Beautiful Small Village Built Around Peruvian Desert Oasis--11

Huacachina is a small village in southern Peruvian desert oasis, in South America. Lakes, sand dunes, buildings, pools and greenery, the place is somewhat unusual and attracts many tourists. We present you this beautiful place.  The town of Huacachina is located [...]

Jeremy Gives New Life To Old Book Pages Turning Them Into Delicate Jewelry--15

Many artists have this amazing talent to reuse damaged or abandoned objects to create something beautiful and aesthetically interesting. The English artist Jeremy May definitely belongs to this category. He gives new life to old books by using them to [...]

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