March 2016

Pancake Rocks-The Amazing Rocky Structures Sculpted By Ocean Waves--18

New Zealand is a small country but full of wonderful natural landscapes. It is also fascinating to see such a small area contain many gorgeous sites. South Island, owns a number of them including the Cliffs of Punakaiki. These surprising [...]

Great Blue Hole-This Vast Oceanic Trench That Attracts Divers From Around The World--1

Nature has the extraordinary ability to craft incredible shapes over time. This is the case off Central America, where we have the Great Blue Hole, a cavity formed by erosion. We present this magnificent geological formation. The Great Blue Hole [...]

29 Ideas To Help You Recycle Your Glass Bottles Cleverly--26

Who has never disposed off empty glass bottles in dust bin? The DIY enthusiasts know: our debris can be processed surprisingly in everyday objects, or pretty decorations. And glass bottles are a particularly aesthetic and practical to furnish your home. [...]

Sometimes DIYers go beyond the sane limits--25

Recycling is a good way to furnish your house cheaply. In addition to being economical, the spent material reuse helps us to create a functional and customized nest. And it is difficult to imagine all the possibilities that can be done [...]

Explore The Mysterious Cemetery Of Abandoned Cars In The Depths Of Liverpool--6

It is true that heart of many old European cities often contains archaeological treasures from, Roman, Greek or Norse era. However, one rarely discovers the cemetery of Cars. That's what happened to Nigel Willsbrowne, who during some excavations in the basements of [...]

Damnoen Saduak-This Floating market Is A Symbol Of Traditional Thai Culture--3

Thailand is one of the pearls of Asia. Long territory surrounded by water, it is full of temples and imposing sites popular with tourists. The floating markets of Bangkok are a real delight for the senses. We present one of the [...]

Cecilia Gives A New Life To Pages By Transforming Them Into Delicate Everyday Objects-

Art is a discipline whose boundaries are governed solely by the imagination of the artist. At least that is what we find in the work of Cecilia Levy. This Swedish ingenious artist makes superb items from waste paper. We presents some [...]

37 Illustrations That Indicate How Technology Degrades The Purity Of Landscape--25

Many artists are interested about future in their artistic creations. Ubiquitous robots, a dehumanized world, all hypotheses can be envisaged. Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag imagines in his drawings a future populated by large robots in snowy scenery . We present the extremely [...]

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