February 2016

Atlas-This Humanoid Robot Has Exactly Same Movements As Humans--4

Mankind is certainly at a crucial stage of the robotic revolution. A subsidiary of Google has designed an amazing robot with remarkable agility and a great sense of balance. We present this invention that could change the world in a [...]

Marble Cathedral-An Amazing Structure Carved By The Nature--8

Man never gets tired of admiring the beauty of the Earth and its many landscapes. It is difficult to count the number of natural wonders present in the world. Chile is home to incredible marble cathedral, this formation is carved [...]

Discover Sintra-Portuguese City Where Beautiful Architecture Perfectly Coexists With Nature--13

Situated 25 km from Lisbon, Sintra is a Portuguese city where wonderful architectural constructions merge with natural landscapes. Romantic old town full of history, palaces and greenery, its beautiful harmony has earned its ranking of "cultural landscape" cultural heritage of [...]

Dolni Morava Sky Wal 1

Located about 1,100 meters above the sea level and on the the Morava River in the Czech Republic, Dolni Morava Sky Walk is located in the mountain of Králický Sněžník. Seeing from far it looks very much like a roller coaster. This [...]

Gigantic Wooden Sculptures Made Using Simple Wood Debris--2

Every day, Thomas Dambo goes out to recover the used pieces of wood in his hometown of Copenhagen. He offers a new life to this wooden debris to create amazing sculptures that upset our sense of proportion. We present his [...]

26 Lonely Houses Around The World That Are A Small Paradise--23

Sometimes, the simplest objects are the most magnificent works. A Portuguese artist has understood and realized the incredible beauty of single detached houses. We present to you his bold and original work. Manuel Pita is a photographer as well as [...]

21 Wedding Rings Inspired By The Star Wars saga--19

Couples which are a fan of Star Wars, would love to share their passion with these wedding rings. This is an opportunity to show all your passion, even on the object that symbolizes love. This one of most legendary sagas [...]

revolutionary streetlights to kill mosquitoes, recharge phones and alert in case of flooding--2

It is clear that the electronic devices are becoming more efficient with each passing day. After the 3D printer, these smart streetlight will light up the streets. Fueled by the Solar energy, these incredible Southeast Asian streetlights could well improve [...]

Amazing Drone That Can Fly, Float and Dive Underwater To Make Sea Rescue Missions--4

Drones have not finished amazing us. Developed by the research laboratory of the American College of Oakland, the Loon Copter can both fly, float and dive underwater. Thanks to his many talents, the latest prototype is semi-finalist of the Drone [...]

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