January 2016

Rings made as the architectures of famous cities--15

Ola Shektman loves to travel. In just a few years, she has lived in no less than six different cities. A passion she expresses in her work: Ola manufactures sublime rings bearing the image of the architecture of different cities [...]

The beautiful wilds of the Northern Norway--9

Norway is full of unknown beautiful landscapes. We have made sure that you could explore its breathtaking panoramas and play of light in ultra-high definition behind our computer. These photos takes us through the incredible 8000 km coast of Norway. It was shot [...]

Contemplate The Rich Landscape Of Sierra Leone, This Beautiful Territory Of West Africa--8

Africa is one of the poorest regions of the globe. But still this does not prevent it from offering some of the most beautiful scenic views of our planet. This is particular true for Sierra Leone, a country too long [...]

10 Most Sublime Train Trips In The World--1

Nowadays most people want to travel quickly and at a low price. Yet one could also enjoy the trip differently and why not admire beautiful landscapes. For this, nothing like the train. Here is a selection of the best rail journeys [...]

Wander The Enchanting Streets of Ljubljana, The Little Known Capital Of Slovenia--23

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a country in the Eastern Europe. Nicknamed as the "Dragon City", this city with a rich history surrounded by the Alps deserves to be known. The Kairos studio pays tribute to this magnificent city [...]

Grotta Palazzese-Amazing Italian Restaurant Carved Into A Cliff--4

Without doubt Italy is known worldwide for its beauty. But some trans-alpine cities are simply more beautiful than others. This is the case of Polignano a Mare, a city in Southern Italy, with a truly magical hotel and restaurant there. [...]

Very Rare Color Photographs Of Samurais Resurface-7

For many people it is difficult to imagine that the historical Samurais ever existed. But here we show you some photographs of that bygone era. We are generally accustomed to seeing these old pictures in black and white, however the [...]

HD Samsung wallpaper 63

We present Samsung wallpapers that can be used as background for mobiles. All of them are in high definition and available for free download. To download any of these wallpapers click on the wallpaper to enlarge it, then you can [...]

htc wallpaper 1

We present high definition HTC wallpapers that can be used as background for Personal Computers (PC’s), laptop, iPad’s etc. These are available for free download and have a high definition resolution of 1080p (1920x1080). To download these wallpapers click on [...]

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