October 2015

Japan Uses Fomer Golf Courses To Provide Electricity To Thousands Of Homes-1

Finding new source of energy is a growing concern of the modern world. Some of these sources may be harmful to the environment or dangerous for humans like coal, gas, petrol etc. Now, faced with the depletion of these energy [...]

28 Giant Ships Which Surpass Titanic For A Small Pleasure Boat-

The ocean liners are often fascinating due to their huge size. Their speed, size and design have evolved with the technological developments, becoming more and more spacious and comfortable for passengers. We present to you a list of some of these [...]

Capable Of Traveling More Than 5000 Km/h, Concorde 2 Will Connect Paris and New York In Just One Hour-2

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus is planning to make a supersonic passenger aircraft. The European company has filed a patent for a plane that is able to fly several times the speed of sound, it would be a direct successor of [...]

9 Innovations That Have Marked The History Of The Automobiles From Inflatable Tires To Combustion Engine-4

The automotive industry has changed more than the way we travel around. With it, the lifestyles of our societies has messed up. We present to you 9 automobile innovations that have marked the industry. This is the first car in [...]

Wander The Colorful Streets Of Prague And Admire Its Wonderful Architecture-12

Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is called as the City of a thousand towers and thousand bells. Discover its magnificent architecture, cobbled streets and colorful houses. Most notably it worth crossing the Charles Bridge and strolling the area surrounded [...]

3. Sunrise at Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Each year National Geographic photo contest brings us to us the breathtaking shots of the year that reveal the splendor of our planet. We have selected 15 sublime aerial photos from the participants of this contest. 1. Gorner glacier above [...]


In a world obsessed with youth, there are very few people who can – hand on heart – claim they are looking forward to growing older. As kids, we may have wished away the years until we became teenagers, then [...]

Old Car City-A Stunning Museum Of Classic Cars-15

An automobile enthusiast in the US owns the largest cemetery of classic cars in the world. We take you to the visit of this mystical place where some of the finest vehicles of automative history sleep in cohabitation with nature. The [...]

Discover Lapland, A Magnificent Nordic Region between Land And Ice-24

Lapland is a large region near Arctic and to the north of Europe. Far from being a vast snowy plain, this site is full of ice, spectacular scenery and buildings. Take a hot cup of chocolate and explore Lapland, a country [...]

Canyon lands

Formed by soil erosion, canyons are among the most beautiful geological formations of the nature. From France to the United States via China we make you discover these 12 absolutely breathtaking canyons. Verdon Gorge   In French of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, [...]

45 Amazing Daily Use Objects For The Lovers Of Elephants-11

Animals are the Largest land mammal in the world and they fascinate many of us. This is certainly why designers do not lack imagination to ornate everyday items with the image of these pachyderms. The elephant lover can no longer [...]

Enter The Scary Ruins Of Pripyat, Ghost Town 3 kilometers From Chernobyl-8

In 1986, one of the reactors at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine exploded. The people of the city and neighboring towns were forced to flee their homes, leaving behind their homes, their belongings, their memories. Today, many areas remain [...]

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