September 2015

The Incredible Beauty of Salt Desert Transformed Into Gigantic Mirror-15

The salt desert of Uyuni is one of the stunning places due to its beauty. Situated at an altitude of 3658 meters in Bolivia, this vast expanse provides us a majestic view during the rainy season. The ground reflecting the [...]

Amazing Abandoned Places By Christian Richter19

Here we present the fascinating abandoned places photographed by Christian Richter who a German photographer who is also a travel enthusiast. He takes us to the the discovery of ruined theaters, abandoned hospitals, dilapidated churches or hotels, swimming pools and libraries. [...]

Fabulous Norwegian Buildings That will Transport You Straight Into A Fairy Tale-21

Between spectacular fjords, vast pine forests, glaciers and sea ice, Norway continues to marvel us with its incredible beauty of nature and landscapes. This Scandinavian country also harbors an incredible and magical architecture that takes us to the tales and [...]


In the US, watering and tending one's lawn is a popular pass time. Now, there is an app to automate this process. This innovative solution also ensures that water is not wasted during the process as California is suffering from [...]

These Intelligent Robots Would Use Ultraviolet Light To Kill Germs In Hospitals-2

The Center for Disease Control reports that 100,000 Americans die each year from infections, called "super bugs", that they catch in the hospitals. Fortunately, there is now a new germ exterminator robot that will revolutionize medical centers. We tell you [...]

Amazing Life Like Sculptures Made From The Old Watch Parts-

Indeed old clock parts can be recycled to make many different and useful things. On new trend is to use old parts of watches, cars and motorcycles and convert them into sculptures. A tyoe of these sculptures is also known [...]

Discover The Sublime Skyline And Skyscrapers Of Toronto From Air-20

This marvelous video of Toronto has been made by Ryan Emond. He makes us discover the Canada's largest city from a new angle: an aerial perspective. Ryan Emond has indeed filmed the city from a helicopter: his shots are breathtaking. Between [...]

Discover Wooden Art Works Of Astonishing Precision Made Using Laser-13

Gabriel Schama is an American artist who uses laser to carve wood with a breathtaking precision. Each piece is an incredible art work, made of curves, shapes and requires mastering the regularly carved patterns. Check out these gorgeous wood sculptures [...]

Towering Cliffs And Colorful Reefs Mesmerize You With Beauty Of Australian Coast-44

Australia is a huge country, full of beautiful and diverse landscapes. Its coastline is especially popular with travelers who appreciate its turquoise waters and coral cliffs. It is indeed a paradise on Earth. From north to south and from east [...]

A Designer Fights Pollution By Converting It Into Jewelry-2

Air pollution is responsible for many deaths around the world each year. Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch designer who has developed a 7 meters high tower that can filter the polluted air and purify it. Its construction will certainly save many [...]

The architect Jose Maria Trejos used 8 containers to design this house in Costa Rica

Some ingenious people had the brilliant idea of ​​recycling containers to make homes. In addition to reduced costs, these homes can be shaped as desired according to the modern trends. We make you discover several containers homes at a comfortable price. [...]

Haneel Tri Vision-30 Super Cool Vintage Cameras would Make You Regret Not Being Born Earlier -13

Sylvain, a photography enthusiast, who has created an impressive online archive comprising photos of nearly 10,000 vintage cameras. A gigantic task that we share with you today. Surely, this will delight photography lovers!  Sylvain Halgand is the founder of Site Collection-appareils. [...]

Swarms Of Revolutionary Transwheel Robots Can Collaborate To Carry Heavy Parcels-1

Transwheel is a unique drone which can either operate alone or in collaboration with other robots to transport loads.  Transwheel design is unique as it moves using a single self-balancing wheel. In order to pick up and transport loads, it [...]

Ultimate Pet Drone That Moves Around With A Leash And Takes Selfies-2

A Zurich-based startup wants to change the impression of drones by designing Fotokite Phi drone. It can be regarded as a friendly drone that has a leash just like a pet. Thanks to its leash it is more safe and [...]

Top 20 Most Beautiful Natural Tourist Attractions in France-14

Indeed, France is the most visited country in the world, by the tourists. Here we present 20 most beautiful natural scenic places to help them with their visit. 1. Gorges de l'Ardèche At the heart of wild nature, the Gorges [...]

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