August 2015

Top 30 Most Clever Packaging Designs Near To Perfection-

When we go to stores for shopping, we often find a multitude of products without knowing which one to choose... So, do we tend to trust the brand or we trust the price? What if instead we find products that attract [...]

Enjoy A Meal In A Far Galaxy Thanks To This Restaurant In The Colors Of Star WarsEnjoy A Meal In A Far Galaxy Thanks To This Restaurant In The Colors Of Star Wars-4

Star Wars is definitely a cult series that has become an important part of modern culture. Many derivatives have emerged: novels, video games, toys and now a restaurant ...! Yes, it is now possible for you to go to a [...]

Satirical Illustrations Denounce The Sad Realities Of Our World-

In the style of John Holcroft, Steve Cutts gives us his satirical version of today's world. These powerful illustrations point to the defects of our world, the excesses of the economy and the consumption based society model. A work that [...]

A tank-Discover Amazing Cross-section View Of 22 Everyday Objects Cut In Half-16

Have you ever wondered what you might see when taking a look inside an object? What you might discover if your toothpaste tube became transparent? We reveal to you the strange views of the cross-sections of these objects when halved! A [...]

30 Absolutely Mesmerizing Spiral Staircase Designs From Around The World-20

There is something fascinating about the shape of spiral stairs... most probably it is due to their almost perfect symmetry. We have decided to make you discover 30 spiral staircases that are absolutely  mesmerizing. Discover without delay! Sintra, Portugal Location [...]

This 115 Feet High All Glass Swimming Pool Would Surely Make You Tremble-

Indeed many people won't try enjoying this scary swimming pool, thus, preventing them from the thrill of swimming in a Sky Pool. This swimming pool would be 115 feet high and would connect two buildings. It would have completely translucent [...]

This Cost-Effective But Advanced Robotic Hand Helps Amputees Improve Quality Of Life-

The high cost of the robotic prosthetics makes them prohibitive for many people. Now a Plymouth based start-up is trying to change that by making a 3D printed robotic hand that is low-cost yet can perform advanced finger movements. Here, the [...]

An Incredible Replica Of Hyrule Castle Built By A 19 Year Old-

In the beginning Lego bricks were introduced to the kids so that they could build something creative. However, with the passage of time the situation has completely changed. Now, there are builders who have become famous for building amazing structures [...]

A Smart Umbrella That Sings To You And Tells Its Location When Lost-

Blunt designs an Umbrella that carries a 'Tile' bluetooth chip in its canopy. You can use an app to connect to and notify the Umbrella. If Umbrella is within 100-ft from the customer it would start playing a tune to [...]


A series of beautiful and impressive photographs from NASA, which reveal the nocturnal beauty of the Earth from space. These stunning images of our planet in which we can easily distinguish between towns and reliefs, have been taken over Europe, [...]

This Amazing Luxury Hotel In Amsterdam Was Built In A Dockside crane-1

You would have seen many different types of hotel with innovative themes to attract the tourists by surprising them. However, Faralda Crane Hotel located in Amsterdam, Holland is unique as it has been built in a crane at the shipping dockyard. [...]

These Ingenious prostheses From 19th century helped 15,000 People Regain Mobility-11

Over the years, the design and manufacturing of the prosthetics for the handicapped have considerably evolved. James Gillingham, a simple shoemaker, is regarded a pioneer in this field. He started manufacturing prostheses in the nineteenth century. In addition to that, [...]

An Incredible Book From Sixteenth Century That Can Be Read In Six Different Ways-4

Surely, while reading you have the habit of turning the pages of your book from right to left, but know that this is not the case for all the books. There is a strange book in the world that can [...]

See The Devastating Machine Gun Of F-35 Fighter Fire At 3,000 Bullets Per Minute-

A video footage of F-35 has emerged that shows the stealth jet firing 181 rounds within few seconds. The plane carries a Gatling four barrel gun that has been embedded into its wings to maintain its stealth profile. The plane [...]

Google Gives A Rare Glimpse Into Its Gigantic Network Infrasture Used To Provide Its Various Services-3

For the first time Google reveals details about its huge infrastructure. Google boasts 100,000 'warehouse scale' servers worldwide. They can communicate with one another in an arbitrary manner at the enormous speed of 10Gb/s. In order to achieve such performance [...]

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