July 2015

There Is An Abandoned Church In Indonesia That Looks Like A Huge Chicken -2

At the heart of the mountains of Central Java, Indonesia, one can find a church in ruins, abandoned, having the shape of a giant chicken. Called Gereja Ayam ("Chicken Church") by the locals, the church attracts photographers and explorers from [...]

Use Off The Shelf Printer To Make A Touch Screen In Minutes-2

A team of German Scientists from the university of Saarland have developed a technique that allows anyone with a printer to produce a touch screen in minutes. Here is a video illustration of this revolutionary process. Printscreen can quickly and [...]

To Unite The Community Against Violence Artists Paint A Mural On 200 Houses -

Palmitas is Mexican city that had developed a reputation of being plagued by violence. In order to improve the deteriorated image of the city the Mexican Government approached an association of artists named as the "Germen Crew". This youth organization has [...]

See What Happens When An Effervescent Tablet Is Dissolved In Water Bubble In Space (Video)-

Astronauts on the International Space Station dissolved an effervescent tablet in water and then captured the images of the resulting reaction Using a camera capable. This was not a normal camera but RED 4K camera that has four times higher [...]

20 Creative Hacks To Reuse Old Tyres-17

We all know that the Tyres are a big problem once their useful lifetime is over. Throwing them on the garbage dump can be problematic as over a long period of time they can release toxic chemicals into the surrounding [...]

Outry As A Student Demonstrates Use Of A Functional Gun Mounted On A Drone-1

If you are a lover of the peaceful use of drones then this video would certainly make you anxious. In a video, that has been released to the youtube, an 18 year old student of Mechanical Engineering has shown how [...]

Google Street View Makes Us Travel To Remote Locations Of Mongolia-1

Google Street View has now officially come to Mongolia. Google used the traditional travelling methods to capture the photos of Mongolia. These methods include Camera loaded on horse-drawn sled and on the backpacks of team members. Mongolia has very amazing [...]

Amazing Presence Of Naturally Occurring Nuclear Reactor In Oklo, Africa-4

It is  a well known fact that it was in United States that a team of famous scientists from around the world were able to unlock the secrets of nuclear fission during World War 2. Subsequently they controlled it for [...]

This Revolutionary Robotic Glove Teaches Anyone To Draw -1

This new type robotic glove named as the “Teacher” is there to teach you how to make drawings by improving your drawing skills. It can be worn on your hand and it forces your hand to perform the movements that [...]

SE370: Samsung's New PLS-enabled Monitor Comes With Wireless Charging-

The recent years have seen a huge interest in the wireless charging technologies for the smartphone. This de-clutters your home and saves us from the effort of every time finding a compatible charging cable. In this regard, Samsung has included [...]

DroPrinter: This Portable Palm-Sized Printer Can Print Your Documents And Photos-

As Smartphones and Tablets are becoming commonplace it has become very easy to make grocery lists, receive and send e-mails, take photos and edit documents. However, what if you want to print any of these things? You would definitely need [...]

LEGO MAGIC!!! Two Meters Tall Tower Of Orthanc Saruman Built In LEGO-1

Some people are much more meticulous than others this is evident by the work of Brenden McMahon, a LEGO enthusiast, who created a replica of the tower of Saruman in Isengard, also known as the Tower of Orthanc. With its [...]

An Amazing High-Tech Cave Built By A Kiwi Engineer In Midst Of A Forest -

Indeed, when we think about caves the first thought that comes into our mind is about the people who used to live there at the beginning of humanity, devoid of any modern gadgets or tools. However, this time a graphic [...]

Now 3D Printing Can Be Used To Print Future Home Gardens-4

3D printing is now increasingly used to create new and innovative projects. Very recently, we had written an article about how a house with 3D printed components was assembled in just 3 hours. This time researchers and students are making [...]

A Fascinating Film Reveals Each Step In Preparation Of A Beretta Shotgun-18

Italy based Beretta is one of the oldest weapons manufacturers in the world, and is over five hundred years old. Using this amazing video, we are going to show you the careful steps involved in the manufacturing of Beretta shotgun. Indeed, we [...]

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