June 2015

This Ecocapsule Lets You Live Anywhere On Earth Without Electricity-

If you are a big fan of green ideas and also like to camp in the nature, then this "Ecocapsule" is certainly for you. Designed by a Slovakian firm 'Nice Architects', this camping capsule already appears to come from the [...]

These Hyper-Realistic Helmets Will Certainly Amaze You By Their Appearance-3

Helmets is one of the most important life-saving devices, used by the motorcycle riders. Especially, nobody can deny their importance to protect from the head and neck injuries in the unfortunate circumstances of traffic accidents. However, for those people looking [...]

These Tremendous Skeletons Move By Themselves Using Wind Force-5

If by chance, while strolling on the beach, you see strange these unknown beasts moving by themselves is quite normal. An artist has embarked on the creation of fabulous animals from plastic tubing and fabric sails. Thanks to the wind, [...]

See How Nature Relcaims A Beautiful Abandoned Fishing Village In China?-7

In one of our previous articles we had shown that how greedy the nature is to reclaim the places abandoned by the human beings.  Now, we share with you the exciting adventure of Tang Yuhong whereby she shows us how [...]

Bodie-10 Most Fascinating Ghost Towns From The past-

Whatever their history, ghost towns are a real treasure trove for the photographers. Their desolate scenery sometimes gives us the impression of the calm after the storm. The slightly shabby feel of the Apocalypse gives way to fascination... 1. Bodie [...]

Learn How You Can Unsend An Email in Gmail-2

For almost all us, there was a moment in our lives when we would have thought, after sending an email, that it might have been good if I had not sent that mail. For all such embarrasing situations the Gmail [...]

Stunning Images Of People Living In Very Small Rooms In Japan-2

Japan is well known for its Capsule hotels, which are very small capsules intended to provide over night accommodation to people who otherwise cannot afford conventional hotel rooms. However, in these exceptional photographs, Won Kim makes us discover something more [...]

Top 10 Safest Airliners Of The World-1

Which are the airliners that were involved in most of the accidents? Which are the safest of them? To perform this ranking several indicators were taken into account: The number of copies sold, the year of commissioning, the number of [...]

10 Real Easy Hacks To Keep You Cool During This Summer-

Summer is no doubt an awesome time with sweet walks during the mornings and in the evenings. However, when its not raining there are times and places where summer heat almost overpowers you. Especially, if this happens during the night [...]

Top 20 Photographs From iPhone Photography Awards 2015-3

The IPPA website recently hosted the eight international iPhone photography award. Now, the winners of the contest have been decided and their photographs are available on the website and we can see some of the best shots taken by iPhone [...]

3D Hologram Technology Used To Resurrect Destroyed Buddha Statues In Afghanistan-3

The buddhas of Bamiyan were in fact two buddha statues dating back to the 6th century. They were located in the central Afghanistan and are the part of UNESCO world heritage site. They were destroyed in March 2001, by Taliban [...]

See Result Of $10,000 Apple Watch Being Smashed By Powerful Magnets-

If you are always curious to know what happens when you smash expensive gadgets, you will definitely love this video. Here, a $10000 expensive apple watch is being smashed by the force of 650 pounds between two neodymiu  magnets. This [...]

Smartphones Will Soon Be Recharged By Their Own Radio Waves-1

An energy recovery system developed by the State of Ohio University (USA), has managed to extend the battery autonomy of the smartphones by 30%. To do so, it recycles a portion of energy transmitted by the mobile radio waves to [...]

The Sacré-Coeur, Paris-21 Most Beautiful Places Photographed By Drones Where Overflight Is Illegal Today-15

Amos Chapple is a KIWI photographer and a drone enthusiast. These 21 aerial photographs immortalized by a drone, are the result of 2 years of traveling around the globe by her. These sublime photographs were legally taken before the drones [...]

25 Examples Of Worst Engineering Safety Practices-15

Safety is one of the most important consideration when there are construction or public engineering projects. This is not only important to save the lives of the engineers working on the projects but also the other civilians nearby. However, many [...]

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