April 2015

Top 50 Most Elegant Bathroom Designs To Help You With Selection-13

A bathroom is an important part of our daily life in an unusual way. Just like we have to eat and drink everyday, we have to go to the bathroom as well, often many times a day. Hence, a nice [...]

Top 13 Logos Of Famous Companies As If Designed By Doctors-1

When we are stuck with ten years of medical studies, we have to face many challenges during that time. We have to study a lot and write a lot also. We learn to write quickly but its mostly not a [...]

These Geometric Ink Tattoos Will Blow You Away-8

Dr. Woo has proved that slogans are not essential for fantastic tattoos. In fact, he has used his wonderful geometric ink in gray scale to design mind blowing tattoos. Even celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Drake and Sarah Hayland fell under [...]

Simin Qiu, a young art student, has created an amazing tap! The water that flows out of the tap is formed into thin swirls and transforms the tap into a true work of art. But this tap does not only [...]

This Man's Art Of Restoring Old Books will Blow You Away-

As a kid we had always been told that book are the best companions. Good books always inculcate morality, thought-fullness, and knowledge. Indeed, there are many books that keep our company for years and we develop a special relationship with [...]

A man makes a wonderful coffee table using birch logs-4

Apart from the simple case of assembling the legs of a table, making high end furniture like a couch or a sofa is often a very difficult. Sometimes, the result is a total mess and you get something that is [...]

These Pins Give New Life To Google Maps In Real Life-

The German artist Aram Bartholl has decided to give a new life to the pins used in Google Maps to show the location of a place. They have been materialized into a monumental piece of art. You can not escape [...]

Top 14 Mindblowing Wooden Buildings in US-12

Traditionally wood has been used to make elegant buildings. As of now, most of the buildings are made in wood, cement and concrete. Still, there are buildings made entirely in wood. They serve as a token of admiration for the [...]

Control The Intensity Of This Innovative Moon Lamp By Plugging Craters-

Moon has always enchanted humanity by its beauty and its craters. These craters have given birth to many fables and legends. Well, now these craters have inspired Constantin Bolimond  who is a designer from Moscow to design these innovative LED [...]

3D Printing Gives A New Life To Turtle Cleopatra-2

Cleopatra is not only the name of the famous queen of Egypt. Rather, it is also the name of the turtle suffering from shell problem. The latter is in fact very fragile and may become infected. A student from the [...]

A Drone That Self-stabilizes Like A Tightrope Walker-1

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a technology that allows a flying drone to restore its position in any situation and land in case of emergency, just like a tightrope walker. An innovation that [...]

22 Sublime And Unusual Hotels That Will Make You Dreaming-10

There are many unusual places around the world where you can spend the night. You have a really wide choices hotels like ice hotel etc. We offers you a selection of 22 hotels out of the ordinary that will make you dream. [...]

Make Awesome Lampshades From Animal X-Rays-

Have you ever thought of some useful utility of the old animal X-Rays? Well, Spike Vain from the XrayVisionDesigns has come up with an interesting way to recycle these objects. Of course, these lamps would be different from the normal [...]

People With Reduced Mobility Can Use This Revolutionary Exoskeleton To Walk-2

A team of scientists has developed a lightweight exoskeleton that allows people with reduced mobility to walk with less effort. Manufactured with carbon fiber, it weighs about 500 grams for each leg (the same weight as a conventional shoe).  We invite [...]

The Elegant Architecture Of This Bookstore Will Surely Blow You Away -2

Lovers of books definitely like going to the elegant bookstores. A new example of such bookstore can be found in Bucharest, Romania. This new bookstore with its glossy looks would surely seduce the book lovers. In fact, this book store has [...]

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