March 2015

Recycle Your Glass Bottles Into Ecological And Decorative lamps-7

Sustainable development is an important theme of the modern projects, it signifies that while doing these projects their ecological and social impact on the environment must also be taken into account. This can therefore lead to the recycling of everyday items. [...]

Intelligent Fiber That Can Light Up, Change Colours And Display Messages-1

Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai have developed a fiber composed of electrochemical cells, known as the Plec. The material is thin enough to be woven. This could pave the way for the industrial manufacture of fabrics for creating bright clothing and [...]

Would Border-less Smartphones With Folding Screens Become A Reality Soon?-

While the entry of the flexible displays into market has been predicted long ago, it is still pending. Meanwhile, many manufacturers have mastered this technology. Things might become more clear from next year on. Recently the smartphone manufacturers have been playing [...]

A Futuristic Skateboard That Isn't A Skateboard Anymore-1

When we think of the future skateboard, we are often reminded about the one used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. The company Hammacher Schlemmer has just come up with an interesting type of skateboard in the form of [...]

Boeing Files A Patent For A Force Field Shield From Star Wars-

Boeing, the world re-known aircraft manufacturer, is working to conceive and realize an intangible electromagnetic shield to protect military vehicles from the shock waves of explosions. A patent has been filed, but the implementation is complex. In Episode 1 of Star [...]

Induction Forge: Video Shows The Induction Heating In Action-

Induction heating is a heating method which is based upon electromagnetic induction. Its advantage is that it can heat materials without contact with the source of energy. The inductive heat is based upon the the generation low frequency alternating eddy currents [...]

Makkah Royal Clock Tower-Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers That Are Engineering Marvels-21

Major cities around the world are increasingly populated. So the architects are trying to build ever higher buildings. We propose you today to go on a fascinating journey to the discovery of the largest skyscraper in the world. Major cities in the [...]

A Revolutionary Approach Using Drones To Plant 1 Billion Trees Per Year!-

Lauren Fletcher, an engineer at NASA, wants to fight against deforestation by developing drones for large-scale reforestation. This approach can plant a billion trees every year. We tell you more about this project by the environmental specialist. After 20 years [...]

Insect cyborg: A beetle Can Now Be Turned Into A Drone-

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have been able to remotely control a real beetle using a muscle stimulation mechanism. The idea of ​​developing cyborg insects is not new but the [...]

Boomslang: Take A Stroll Through This Breathtaking Walkway Above Trees-5

We often cherish the moments when we are walking under the shade of the trees in a forest. Walking in the shade is fascinating  but still classic, but what if one walks directly over the foliage? This may sound silly, but [...]

A Revolutionary Chameleon Coating That Changes Color On Demand-1

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, US, have created a chameleon coating capable of changing color when stretched or bent. Several applications are possible like camouflage for a vehicle, in giant screens or structural strength sensors for buildings and [...]

Wireless Electricity: Japan Sets A Record For Power And Distance Travelled-

Scientists from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have successfully transmitted 1.8 kilowatt of electricity over a distance of 55 meters using a directed microwave device.With this success, JAXA aims to create the world's first solar power plant to be [...]

A True Weapon Of Mass Instruction To Fight Ignorance-2

Education for all! That is the moto of Raul Lemesoff, an artist from Buenos Aires. He has made up his mind to create a tank in which he drives through streets to distribute hundreds of books to passersby. A true "weapon of mass [...]

Enjoy Amazing 3D Printed Bio Food With Herbs And Mushrooms-5

Rutzerveld Chloe loves to eat healthy. When she saw the success of 3D printers in modern times, it seemed logical to  her to use them for creating more balanced and good food for health. She had the bright idea to print a [...]

20 Mind Blowing Photos From Dreaded Chinese University Entrance Exam-3

Gaokao is the name of the dreaded exam that Chinese students have to give in order to seek entry into the University. This year 9.8 million students undertook this exam to compete for 6.5 million university student positions in different subjects. [...]

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