February 2015

Two Hidden Wind Turbines Will Power First Floor Of Eiffel Tower-3

The Eiffel Tower is certainly the best known monument of France. Today, this huge structure is undergoing modernization. Hidden inside this huge infrastructure are two wind turbines that will allow it to generate a part of energy required for itself? Of [...]

Romeo- An Intelligent French Robot To Help Elderly With Daily Tasks-5

Romeo is a Robot designed by a French company to help the elderly and disabled in their daily lives. Indeed, this small humanoid of 1m40 can already communicate with anyone, by detecting the faces and the expressions of humans that surround [...]

In Japan, Robot Dogs Can Now Have A Dignified Funeral Like Real Animals-5

We already knew about the love of Japanese for the robots, but did you know that some Japanese had so much affection for them that they treated them like family members, even at the time of death? Indeed, some of them [...]

This Revolutionary Hive Enables Safe Honey Harvesting Without traumatizing Bees-5

With this revolutionary new hive it is possible to harvest honey without disturbing the bees. This does not annoy the bees, as well as, not put the beekeeper in danger. We explain to you this hive like no other.  Stuart and Cedar [...]

GuardBot- A Spherical Robot Comfortable Both On Land And Water-4

Building an explorer robot is good, but making a robot that is almost able to move anywhere is even better. To achieve this, GuardBot has an unusual form: it is a sphere that rolls! Equally at home on land and in the [...]

Using This Bracelets Nostalgic Astronauts Can Take Earth Smells To Space-

With the revolutionary bracelet "Senti8", now it is possible to take your favorite smells with you. Even it is possible to take them with you to the space.  Keep your favorite smells with you and take them to infinity and [...]

Telebot: An Amazing Robot To Assist The Policemen On The Ground-3

What if the Robocop became a reality? Telebot is a robot policeman built by Florida International University. It can be controlled remotely and able to perform various tasks such as distributing fines or responding to the emergency calls. We tell you [...]

Revolutionary Contact Lenses With Incorporated Zoom Controlled By Eye-1

A researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has just introduced the latest innovation in a contact lens. Zoom can now be controlled by a wink. This equipment may one day be used by people with macular degeneration related [...]

United Kingdom: Autonomous Vehicles To Be Tested On Public Roads-

The Government of His Majesty has given the green light for the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. These tests will be conducted on selected routes and the public can not participate. The UK has just taken a decisive step [...]

Wonderful 3D Sculptures Made Using Mathematical Formulas-11

Tom Beddard, aka subBlue, is a Scottish physicist turned artist, who makes spectacular 3D sculptures, using mathematical fractals formulas. The result is fascinating. We make you discover this works that combines arts and mathematics. The fractals are the starting point of works by subBlue. [...]

Discover This Gigantic Meteorological Tower Erected In Amazon Rainforest-1

We make you discover this incredible 324 m high tower that was built in the middle of the Amazon forest. It is intended to monitor the weather and the greenhouse effect, with the aim to determine how the largest forest in the [...]

Antonov AN-225 world's largest transport aircraft-

The AN-225 is the longest and heaviest aircraft in the world! Originally designed to carry a Soviet space shuttle, it is now able to carry no less than 253 tonnes of cargo on board: a record. We tell you more [...]

Spot A Highly Sophisticated Robot For Disasters To Master Any Terrain-2

This revolutionary dog-like robot, developed by Google, is capable of walking through difficult terrains during natural disasters. Indeed, it has an incredible sense of balance that allows it to stand in any situation. For some, this robot might become man's best friend. [...]

How Today's world was predicted 60 years ago-60

In the 1950s, people thought that their future would be made up of flying cars and interplanetary travel which would be easy and accessible to all. Today, however it is not so. We make you discover some comparisons between the future imagined [...]

Discover This Unconventional Piano To Compose Melodies By Dragging And Vibrating Your Fingers-6

The Seaboard Grand keyboard is a revolutionary musical instrument. This impressive technology allows you to perfectly reproduce the sounds of many instruments. The result is amazing. We make you discover a piano like no other.In 2009, Roland Lamb, who was studying design [...]

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