January 2015

DALER-A bat inspired robot that can fly and move on the ground-3

DALER is definitively different from other drones. Thanks to its folding and retractable wings, it is not only able to fly, but also move on the ground. A drone inspired by the morphology of bats, it could help rescuers during search of [...]

Give Your Eyes To Blind And Visually Impaired Using This Extraordinary iPhone App-3

A smartphone application to help blind and visually impaired promises a new way of convenience for them! With this application, it is possible to offer your service of your eyes, for a moment, to a blind using your phone iPhone. You will [...]

This Little Robot Can Imitate Your Handwriting With Perfection-1

Writing a document in your handwriting, without using a a pencil, may seem like a science fiction? Yet a company has created a robot that has the ability to perfectly imitate the human writing with perfection. The latter can write a letter, [...]

An Amazing Biometric Keyboard That Recognizes Its User-2

A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology is currently working on a biometric keyboard that recognizes its user by analyzing the electrical signal produced by each keystroke. This prototype keyboard is made ​​of self-cleaning keys which are also able to [...]

Brand Killer: This Revolutionary Headset Blocks Intrusive Ads-4

On the television, on the Internet or on the streets, advertisements have invaded our daily lives. Solution? Four young friends had this original idea to create  a helmet that in real time bocks different advertisements! Check out this ingenious prototype that [...]

ATLAS-A Robot That Can Walk On Stone Without Falling-

Boston Dynamics engineers have developed a very impressive robot. Named as Atlas, this humanoid machine is designed to stand in all circumstances, even if it receives a substantial perturbations  or is walking on a rough terrain. We make you discover this [...]

Voxel8: An Innovative 3D Printer To Print Electronic Circuits-1

Nowadays, it is possible to make amazing and complicated objects using 3D printing, but they are usually formed from plastic. But with the Voxel8, this could all soon change. This printer can integrate electronics into a project. A new technique that [...]

Revolutionary Technology To Produce Paper From Plastic Bottles In Trash-3

Young Mexican engineers have achieved an unprecedented ecological feat. By recycling plastic bottles, they have created a mineral paper, as good as standard paper. We explain you all about this as economic, as well as, environmental technology. Ever Adrian Nava , co-founder [...]

Using Arabic, Urdu, Persian And Other Languages Fonts In Android App Development -

This tutorial will help you understand everything about the LinearLayout and makes it easier for you to create different views using this Layout. The LinearLayout is a layout based on the idea of a box, that is to say, buttons or other widgets belonging to this Layout are either aligned [...]

Could This Revolutionary Sticker Help Diabetics Avoid Daily Blood Tests?-1

A team of researchers at the University of California, specializing in nanotechnology, have developed an epidermal sticker that can measure glucose levels in the blood. Still in its prototype stage, this device could eventually help diabetics to prevent daily blood tests. [...]

Amazing Virtual Reality Technology Helps Disabled Play Piano-

Japanese researchers have developed an amazing system for the disabled. Thanks to virtual reality glasses and a computer program, people unable to use their hands can now play the piano... with their eyes! We explains all about "Eye Play the Piano", [...]

VolcanoBot: NASA's New Compact Robot To Explore Volcanoes From Inside-1

NASA has launched a mini robot that is able to explore volcanoes of the Earth by sneaking into the crevices through which the magma flows. The goal is to develop a 3D model of a volcano to better understand the mechanisms [...]

Expert Japanese Carpenters Make Wooden buildings without Using Nails!-1

Even today, Japanese carpenters have preserved an ancient art by constructing wooden buildings without using a single nail. With their unparalleled precision, they assemble the beams and planks with perfection to build houses having durable perfection. We make you discover the [...]

Using Arabic, Urdu, Persian And Other Languages Fonts In Android App Development -

Many times you would like to develop apps targeting a particular region or country. In that case, using the local language of that area is very user friendly. On first look, it might seem to be a daunting task but [...]

CerePlex W- A Miniature Wireless Interface To Control Devices By Thoughts-1

The CerePlex W is a box that acts as a neural control interface, capable of transmitting the mental commands of a person through a wireless connection at the speed of a home Internet connection. This breakthrough could enable people with disabilities [...]

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