December 2014

Smartphones Influence Development Of Brain Areas Related To Sense Of Touch-

According to a study by EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) and the University of Zurich, the use of smartphones creates a specific impression on the brain area dedicated to the touch. With this data, scientists will be able to study the [...]

A Revolutionary Battery Prototype To Double The Electric Car Range-

An experimental lithium-ion battery developed by a US start-up can store twice the amount of energy as compared to the current electric car batteries. Based on a solid electrolyte, this innovation could help extend the range of electric cars beyond 300 [...]

Infrared Curtain: A Cost Effective Technique To Transform Any Automobile Screen To Touchscreen-

Continental, a German equipment manufacturer, wants to make touch technology in automobiles a common thing. Using a technology combining infrared rays and photodiodes, a conventional screen may be converted into a touchscreen at a much lower cost. Continental expects to commercialize [...]

Carefree Traveling Through This Ingenious But Simple Security System-3

A team of American researchers has developed a new revolutionary security system. No need to search you at the airport, you can pass the security in seconds! Thanks to the highly sensitive touch sensors, the machine detects the dangerous objects in [...]

Future Smartphone Screens Will Be Inspired By Vegetable Leaves And Cobwebs-

Nature has often inspired the creations of man. Today these are spiders and their webs that have particularly stirred the curiosity of a team of researchers. These physicists are expecting to improve the smartphone screens or renewable energy devices using resistance and [...]

BMW's Innovative Technology Will Enable Driver To park His Car Using His Watch-

BMW is working on a standalone system where a driver would use a connected watch to direct his car to go park itself and come back to the same place when asked. Fans of the television series K2000 will recall [...]

This Amazing Self-Powered Glass Changes Colour With Change In Lightning Condition-1

In Singapore, a team of Nanyang Technological University has developed an electrochromic glass that can darken or lighten according to the lightning conditions without the need for an external power source. It is even able to store some energy ... Currently [...]

SmartEyeglass Attach: Sony's Kit To Convert Any Glasses Into Smartglasses-1

Sony, the Japanese manufacturer, has just introduced a device for converting any pair of standard glasses into smartglasses. This is a kit comprising of an electronic module and a 0.23 inch OLED screen that can be set on the spectacles to [...]

Hector: This Bio Inspired Hexapod Moves Swiftly Like A Real Insect-2

Hector is a small insect robot built by a research team from the University of Bielefeld in Germany. It very closely mimics the behavior of real insects where each leg can adapt itself to the surface and moves swiftly.  Hector is an [...]

Wind Tree: A Tree Shaped Windmill That Is Also Energy Efficient-4

The energy provided by the wind is free, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible but current wind turbines are often considered too noisy, too large and change the view of landscape. A Parisian start-up has developed a tree-shaped windmill system whose leaves act [...]

Breakthrough In Photography: This Device Captures 100 billion frames per second-

Since its invention in 1839, capturing the motion has always been one of the obsessions of photography. In 1878, for the first time a trotting horse was captured on a film and in 1887, the trajectory of a bullet going at supersonic speed. Today, a [...]

Researchers Develop A Novel Non-Intrusive Mechanism To Detect Aggressive Drivers-

Researchers from Madrid Polytechnic University have developed a novel mechanism to detect rash driving. The procedure is non-intrusive and only requires measuring the speed and acceleration of the car. The trials show that new method has 92% accuracy. We tell [...]

This Fully Autonomous Robot Will Soon Conquer Unexplored Ocean Depths-

Scientists have developed a fully autonomous underwater robot, capable of exploring the seabeds without human help. This invention could be used in many areas and map the unexplored depths. We tell you more about this little interesting piece of technology!  Researchers [...]

International Study Reveals 269,000 Tonnes Of Plastic Waste In World Oceans-1

An international study provides the first estimate of the amount of plastic wastes in the world oceans. Bad and good news: there are almost 269,000 tonnes of such wastes and this would be "a minimum"- but the micro-wastes (small sized plastic) would [...]

BitDefender Shows Smart Watches Can Be Hacked Within A Second-

The security solutions provider BitDefender has shown that it is easy for a hacker to intercept the data exchanges between a smartphone and smartwatch with which it is connected. The weak link is the six-digit supposed to secure Bluetooth pairing between [...]

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