November 2014

Elegant iPhone 6 Cases For Protection And Style-8

You have eagerly awaited the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? Finally you are the proud owner? Then it's time to dress it for protection and elegance! Many manufacturers have already presented their innovative phone cases.  Here is our selection. [...]

Top 10 Odd Looking Aircrafts That Could Fly-9

Since the advent of aviation industry in the early 2oth century, the engineers have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology to design and develop more efficient and fast aircrafts. Some of those aircrafts looked bizarre but despite that they were able to [...]

Google To Fight Against Parkinson Disease With This Innovative Spoon-

After the acquisition of North American company Lift Labs, Google has now begun marketing of an electronic spoon that will help people with tremor or Parkinson's disease. Equipped with sensors and control algorithms, it detects the level of tremor and [...]

Now Enjoy Coffee With Your Face Printed On It!!!-

In Taiwan, instead of writing your name on the foam of your coffee, they serve it with with your portrait printed on it. Discover this amazing innovation without delay. Indeed when you are buying a coffee from a well reputed [...]

NIXIE: The World's First Wrist Worn Selfie Drone-

The Nixie is the first selfie drone that not only follows you everywhere but in addition to that can also be worn on your wrist like a bracelet. You want to be under the spotlight. Whether you are in some [...]

Incredible-Researchers Manage To Print Light On Paper-

With this new revolutionary technology light is no longer limited to the screen and light bulbs. It is now possible to print light on a sheet of paper. We present to you this new technology that will revolutionize printing. The [...]

Stunning Aerial Photographs Taken By Drones Offer A Unique Perspective-7

Today we offer you to fly over the world through a sumptuous series of aerial photographs. All these scenes have been immortalized by the drones in the most beautiful way. Discover without delay. 1. An eagle flies over the Bali Barat [...]

Fontus: This Amazing Bottle Turns Humidity To Water During Bicycling-3

Soon the cyclists would need not to carry a water bottle with them before a hike? This will be soon possible thanks to Fontus, a bottle that fills itself automatically. This device attaches to the bicycle and is used to [...]

Add your Article To Google Scholar

While writing any type of literary work, whether its a book or research article/publication, nobody can deny the importance of correctly citing the references. A good news for the researchers, students and scientists, now you can easily cite a research [...]

Add your Article To Google Scholar

Academic people would agree that Google Scholar is one of the most effective tools available to the scholars, researchers and students. They can not only use Google Scholar Search feature to find the latest research in their field, but also [...]

Steampunk headphones-20 Stylish Audio Headphones To Enjoy Your Favorite Music-4

Music lovers, that's what brings you back to your love of music in the most unusual way! Today we share with you 17 of the most wacky and incredible audio headsets that you can use to listen to your favorite music [...]

This 3D Printed Robot Is Unbreakable And Unstoppable-2

Norwegian researchers have developed a robot that can easily adapt itself to all kinds of different terrains and situations. It can even print its parts in 3D for on the spot self-repair in case of malfunction. Objective is that it can be sent anywhere to work [...]

Augmented Reality To Save Lives By Making Cars Transparent-3

Imagine driving a completely transparent car where you can easily see every blind corner. Well, this is now possible thanks to a system developed by the Japanese engineers. We tell you more about this futuristic technology. This technology is called transparent [...]

ABB's High Precision Robots Fight Like Samurai's-

ABB is a Zurich, Switzerland based robotic and automation company that is behind the industrial robots of Wazikashi. Now, they have made a demonstration to show the precision and accuracy of their robots. Here we see robots playing Katana fight of Samurai. [...]

A Bionic Hand At Dirt Cheap Price Thanks To 3D printing-

Youbionic, a young Italian company, has managed to develop a low-cost myoelectric prosthetic using 3D printing and common electronic components. The company aims the final finished product to just cost around a thousand euros, so that a larger number of amputees can [...]

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