October 2014

An Ultra Fast Drone Ambulance To Fight The Cardiac Arrests-

A prototype of "drone ambulance, able to quickly carry a defibrillator to victims of cardiac arrest, was presented Tuesday at the University of Delft, Netherlands. It seems to have created lots of buzz in emergency services. "About 800,000 people in the [...]

Hendo To Market Famous Back To The Future Style Hoverboards By 2015-

It is not yet the famous levitation hoverboard of Back to the Future, but skateboard developped by society Hendo looks like it a lot. Hendo is now seeking funds on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for its commercialization. It can only operate on [...]

Amazing iPhone Controlled Bionic Bird Flies By Beating Its Wings-

Have you ever fanatsized flying your own robotic bird using your smartphone? Well, this is now possible thanks to a French aeronautical engineer who has designed the Bionic Bird. This mini-drone has no propeller like most of the drones, rather it beats [...]

American Hospitals To Fight Ebola Virus Using Robots-1

It looks that the fight against the Ebola is extremely difficult because this disease is highly infectious. Hence, the USA has decided to use robots to fight this disease. Despite all these precautions, the spread of the Ebola virus seems [...]

This Tiny Robot Will Amaze You By Its Robustness And Fast Action-

We predict that this unique Micro-UAV by CyPhy Works will soon be famous. Its performances is just amazing when compared to its tiny size. The American manufacturer hopes that it will be used by the special forces units in their [...]

Six Questions To Ask About Barcode Printers-1

You have decided to start using barcodes in your small business. Perhaps you heard how easy it is to implement, or maybe you have seen it firsthand with other businesses. The ability to track inventory more accurately is appealing, and [...]

A Dirt-Cheap Exoskeleton For Augumented Reality And Robotic Control-2

A chinese start-up has brought to the market this revolutionary hand exoskeleton at an unbeatable price. Dexta Robotics has launched a campaign on the Kickstarter to collect funds for its product. Last year, Dexta Robotics announced plans to develop a device [...]

Aerial 3D: Revolutionary 3D Projection System For Advertisements In The Air-

Japanese scientists have invented a 3D projection system floating in the air. The method is based on a laser which heats the air molecules locally to make them luminous. In the future, this technology could be used to display in the sky: [...]

Mourn Your Lost Loved Ones By Turning Them Into Real Diamonds-3

It is true that our loved ones, even after their death, live forever in our memories. However, in order to keep your lost loved ones closer to your heart, the company Algordanza proposes to transform ashes of your beloved in [...]

Visually Impaired Can Now Feel Their Memories Thanks To 3D Printing of Pirate 3D-1

Pirate3D, a company, has devised an innovative way for the blind people to enjoy a photograph. In fact, they have used a 3D printer to turn a photograph into a scene of apparent life! We tell you more about this touching, [...]

Now Robots Can Fly By Using The Artificial Muscles-

The Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL, the LIS, has just released a video called "a flying robot controlled by artificial muscles." This laboratory has been working for several years on the creation of autonomous flying systems. This aircraft comprises of [...]

This Revolutionary App Allows Deaf People To Make Group Conversation-

Crowdfunding is now allowing many new startups to realize their original and innovative ideas. Another proof of concept: Transcense, a startup has developed an application that allows the deaf to transcribe their conversations on a smartphone in real time. An international [...]

Samsung's Groundbreaking Robot To Reduce Hull-Cleaning Costs-

People with knowledge of naval and merchant ships know very well that hull cleaning significantly increases the cost of ship building and its operation. In this context, Samsung Heavy Industries has just developed its new revolutionary robot to clean the ship [...]

In Future Neurosurgeon Robots Will Repair Your Brain-1

Researchers have achieved a revolutionary feat. They have been able to develop a surgeon robot, capable of operating the brain through the patient's cheek. A technique that will greatly reduce the risk and recovery time of the individual being treated. We explain [...]

Nextage: This Robot Can Not Only Build Aircrafts But Also Serve Coffee-

At the Japanese Robotic Week it is not uncommon to come across bizarre machines like Nextage. This interesting robot prepares coffee on demand for visitors to the exhibition. During the Japanese Robotic Week, held on 15, 16 and 17 October [...]

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