September 2014

MIT Robot To Fight Against Smuggling-1

MIT researchers in Boston have developped a submersible oval robot which is capable of performing underwater ultrasound tests to inspect smuggling ships. This innovative robot was presented last week at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. This small [...]

DJI phantom goes fishing-

We already knew about the types of fishing using spear or fishing net or using the dynamite etc. But fishing using drone is the very first of its kind. Check out this new technique in this unusual video. When the team amateur [...]

Scientists Insert elctrodes into butterflies-

American scientists have made the first step towards controlling the butterflies remotely using neuro-muscular implants. In fact, the researchers are analysing the in flight muscular movements of butterfly, so that they can produce pulses to  control the movements of insects. We [...]

To 5 Reasons Why Paper Currency Must Be Banned?-

Although it is true that today many people do majority of their payments with credit cards, without using paper currency or coins, still many economists argue that governments should ban currency notes altogether. Here are the top 5 reasons in [...]

Greek Scientists Design Octopus Inspired Robot That Moves Fast Under Water-2

Rather than reinventing the wheel, robotic engineers prefer to learn from the way the animals move. Greek engineers have developed an octopus robot that is able to move like a real marine animal. We tell you more. The Greek research institute FORTH  is [...]

Sideswipe: A Gesture Recognition System To Control A Smartphone In Pocket-1

A team of researchers from the University of Washington has developped a prototype of gesture recognition system that enables you to control a smartphone without requiring to touch it. Called Sideswipe, it relies on the detection of the electromagnetic waves used for [...]

Sharifi-Ha House, Tehran, Iran, The Rooms Of This Amazing House Can Be Rotated By 90 Degrees-5

Some architects do not hesitate come up with creative designs to make their buildings as useful as possible. This is particularly the case with this 3 story modular home: every part of this beautiful home has the ability to rotate [...]

Amazing Stage Performance Of Illusionist Marco With EDI Robot-2

The famous techno-illusionist Marco Tempest has a new friend: EDI, a "multifunctional robot designed to work closely with humans." In this video, Marco makes a plea, on the stage, for a closer cooperation between humans and robots. The duo even performs a [...]

What Happens When You Dip Your Hand In "Hot Ice"-2

This fact may surprise you but it seems that "hot ice" is indeed a real stuff. This video demonstrates some special properties of this solution, that is, ability to liquefy and solidify in the matter of a few seconds.  Discover what happens [...]

A Novel Blind Spot Motion Detection System Warns Truck Driver Of Accident-2

In many cases, the reason of truck collisions is the problem of driver's field of view. In order to enhance the safety of future trucks, it is very important that they must be equipped with a system for monitoring the blind [...]

Scientists Have Found A Way To Recycle Tires Into Batteries-2

The American researchers have just accomplished the challenge of creating a power source from a used product. They have been able to design batteries using recycled tires. Indeed an awesome scientific discovery! This new scientific discovery by researchers at Oak [...]

Ethical Robots That Can Make Decisions And Save Other Robots-1

Robotics is a highly innovative field that is progressing at a breakneck speed. Researchers have now developed a robot with the most cherished attribute of kindness. The result of the experiments is simply impressive. We explain to you everything about [...]

BioSuit: A Revolutionary Skin Tight Space Suit For Astronauts To Move Easily-

Scientists have taken a big step forward in the field of textiles. They have developed the BioSuit which is a new generation of space suit made up of smart material. More convenient and lightweight, it can help astronauts to move in [...]

Airbus Envisions A Virtual Reality Helmet For Its Passengers-1

A curious patent filed by Airbus shows a kind of headphones with built-in screen that would allow passengers to watch a movie while being completely isolated from the surrounding noise and even breathing other perfumes. The Airbus designers's have filed a [...]

A Humanoid Robot That Can Control A Flight Simulator Plane-

We have seen a humanoid robot that drives a car. However, we had never heard of a humanoid robot that flies a plane! Yet a team of South Korean has done this. The humanoid robot is considered as one of the most complicated to make. [...]

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