August 2014

7 Tips For Taking Creative And Original Photos With A Smartphone-6

Smartphones are increasingly used to take great pictures. They are sometimes used as a substitute for the digital cameras. YouTube channel Cooph proposes 7 techniques for taking creative and original photos with a smartphone. In this video, Lorenz Holder uses an iPhone 5s for taking these shots but [...]

Google Wing: Google Tests Its Drone Delivery Project In Australia-5

Google has done some more trials of its drone delivery system in Australia. Google has been secretly working on this project, entitled Project Wing, for the last two years. If these aerial drones are deployed they could deliver a product at home within few [...]

Dyson's First Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Looks Like A Spy Robot-1

It seems that the famous British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson, is about to launch a robotic version of its product. On the first view of the teaser video, it looks like a spy robot due to the presence of onboard [...]

Amazon Will Test Its Drone Delivery Service In India-

According to the Indian press, this year Amazon could begin a trial of its delivery drone service Amazon Prime Air, near Mumbai and Bangalore. Last month, Amazon had written to the air safety authorities of the United States for the permission [...]

Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla Hires Hackers To Secure Its Future Cars-

Aware of the risks of piracy that could hurt its reputation, as well as risk the lives of its customers, the electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors is trying to take help from hackers. This will be an elite team of thirty people [...]

Chairolution: A Bioinspired Exoskeleton To Maintain A Seated position-1

We all know the advantages of using exoskeleton for people with paralysis due to spinal injuries and walking difficulties. Swiss engineers have thought of another utility of exoskeleton and invented a new type of exoskeleton: the Chairolution. It allows a [...]

Desire: Robots Learn New Skills To Remain Competitive-4

This short animated film highlights how the life of a worker robot is turned upside down when it is faced with more efficient and competitive robot. We present you this mini-movie that shows how the robot learns to use new techniques [...]

Colour Chaser: A Robot That Creates A Melody From Your Drawing-3

Making music has never been so much fun! Thanks to a robot designed by a Japanese designer, you only have to make to a nice drawing and Colour Chaser robot changes the color lines into music. We tell you more about [...]

Robosub 2014: The Amazing Competiton Of Submarine Drones-

The 17th edition of the international Robosub competition took place in San Diego (USA) in early August. Much less publicized as compared to DARPA Robotics Challenge, the tournament organized by AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) involves Autononous Underwater Vehicles [...]

Scientists Are Building An Entire City To Test New Driverless Cars In Real Conditions-1

The driverless cars will soon be a part of our daily lives and to ensure their proper working in real world, researchers have devised a very surprising way. They have begun building an entire uninhabited city, to test these vehicles of [...]

The Drinkable Book by Water Is Life Can Save Million Of Lives By Cleaning The Dirty Water-4

Each year 3.4 million people die because of diseases caused by contaminated water. Water is Life has attempted to remedy this problem by creating "The Drinkable Book", each page of the book is a special filter to eliminate almost all kinds [...]

SaviOne: A Futurisic Robot Used By Aloft Hotel California For Room Service-1

A rather unusual trial is being carried out in a hotel in California. A robot is providing room service to the hotel clients. If the trial is successful, the Aloft hotel chain plans to equip each of its hotel with one or [...]

A Passionate Uses LEGO Bricks To Build A Functional Robotic Arm-2

The LEGO creations never cease to amaze us. These small bricks have even resulted in some of the innovative and pioneering projects. Here, we show you the work of a LEGO passionate who has managed to make a completely functional robotic arm [...]

German Scientists Control The Flight Of An Aircraft Just By The Power Of Thinking-5

No doubt the technological progress continues to surprise us: German scientists have managed to control a plane simulator using just the power of thinking. We tell you more about this brain control that could revolutionize the future of aviation.  No matter [...]

Robot Cook-

Whether its hitchhiking on the roads of Canada or participating in the first robotic Olympics to be held in Tokyo in 2020, robots are continuing to invade our daily lives. We will find them working in some of the most [...]

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