July 2014

Opportunity Breaks The World Record Of Travelling The Longest Extraterrestrial Distance-2

The Rover opportunity landed on Mars on January 25, 2004. It has completed almost a decade of service on the red planet. Today NASA has achieved another world record, "Opportunity has become world's first robot to travel the longest extraterrestrial distance".  On [...]


Thlamic lab from Ontario, Canada has developed a gadget that can be used in place of a computer mouse. The gadget comes in the form of an armband to control the computers with the help of the hand gestures. The working of [...]

Moscow R1 tram

"iPhone on rails" is a new design concept for trams that will be running in streets of the Moscow by next year. UVZ has developed this train with an aim to provide a highly quality modern transportation system to the Russian [...]

world's most pwoerful telescope

NASA has been developing the world's most powerful telescope to unveil the secrets of the universe. The telescope is named as Advanced Telescope Large-Aperture (Atlast). The main objective of the telescope is to explore the universe as well as let the people know about [...]

skull from 3D printed sugar cube

Bored of traditional sugar cubes? If yes then here is a nice solution for you. 3D printed sugar cubes for your coffee or tea are ready to rock.  The 3D printed cubes are available in multiple shapes and exciting colors. The [...]

glass bowl

Advanced technology is being developed to use renewable energy to to build glass from natural resources. The 3D printer working on sunlight is used to make glass from desert sand. The purpose of the project is to achieve low cost desert manufacturing. [...]


An incredible tree is becoming famous across the US which is able to produce 40 type of different fruits. The magical tree can produce different varieties of plum, apricots, peaches, cherries and nectarines. The amazing tree is made with the venture of [...]

MV blue merlin

A heavy-lift ship, Blue Marlin Ibiza,  has been introduced that can submerge into the water and lets the ships, oil rigs and yachts float over its flat cargo deck. The heavy ship sinks itself into the water with the help [...]

South Korea To Launch World's First 5G Networks By 2020-

While 4G is not yet really deployed everywhere, the big telecom companies are already thinking about the future. And it is nothing surprising as why to wait for years to reflect upon the future technologies in the telecommunication? Several countries or groups [...]

transparent roller phone

An exciting concept of Rollphone is envisioned by a designer namely Alexey Chugunnikov. The phone lets you play games, watch videos, read books and much more that you can’t even imagine. Here are the pictures revealing the concept:

Facebook Mention: A New Application Dedicated To Celebrities-

Facebook, is not necessarily for everyone. Well, rather not the last mobile app launched by the company. Only available on iOS for now, mention is actually reserved for the elite of the population, the biggest celebrities of the world. There are very high chances [...]

silly inventions

Here are few interesting and funny looking technologies of the past.    

MIT Students Invent A Special 3D printer To Print Ice Cream-

There are now a lot of different types of 3D printers available. Some are classical that allow you to print small 3D objects like a traditional printer. Then, there are the others, those which are a bit special and are dedicated to a [...]


DARPA has revealed a sniper bullet which can change it's direction mid-flight. DARPA has also  revealed a footage showing the successful launching of .50 caliber bullets. A project namely EXACTO was started with an aim to make the snipers’ accuracy more [...]

Japanese Scientists Develop A Hybrid Human-Robotic hand With Seven Fingers-1

A team of MIT researchers has designed a hand glove with two robotic fingers. The glove has embedded sensors and associated algorithms to detect finger movements and use them to control robotic finger movements. The idea is to accomplish the [...]

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