June 2014

Ekocycle Cube: A 3D Printer That Uses Recycled Coca Cola Bottles As Filament-

Ekocycle Cube is an eco-friendly 3D printer that recycles trash Coca Cola bottles into a 3D object. It is a product of 3D Systems which is an American brand specializing in 3D printing solutions. Coca Cola and a famous US [...]

Anticipated iWatch

Anticipated Apple’s iWatch can analyze the user’s sweat during the exercise. A number of athletes have been contacted by the Apple to test this gadget. Along with sweat sensors, 10 other sensors including pulse monitoring sensors are also provided. No information has [...]

magnetic implant

A new magnetic implant has been used to restore the hearing of a young TV star, Billy Coughlin. Besides the star, the technology is also a beacon of hope for thousands of others. The technology used is the new version of Bone [...]

Chocolate Copter: A Geek Makes A Real Drone From Chocolate-2

What if you were served a drone with the tea? This is now possible thanks to a geek who has both a taste for the chocolate and an obsession with drones. Thats why, she has developed a drone made entirely of [...]

Paltier effect

The Peltier effect has been used to design speakers that uses candle fire to play the music. A common candle can last for more than five hours. Speakers can connect and work with any type of musical player. The loudness of these [...]

Spire to monitor breath

Spire is a new gadget that monitors every breath you take. Spire is not only able to let you know how exactly you are feeling but also tell you how many steps you have taken. Spire communicates directly with the associated [...]

perfect blend of balance

China is going to build world’s tallest skyscrapers inspired from Phoenix symbol. The two tallest skyscrapers will be completed by the year 2017 if the Mayor of Wuhan grants the permission. The walls of the larger tower are covered with solar panels [...]

SixenseVR SDK: A Virtual Reality Development Tool For Non-programmers-3

Virtual reality is a technology that has undergone lots of advancements in recent few years. However, this development is only accessible to the experienced software developers. A company had this bright idea of ​​creating the right tools to make the [...]

Kodomoroid and Otonaroid- Two japanese human like droids-

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo has installed two new human like droid. Named as Kodomoroid (the teenager) and Otonaroid (the adult women), they illustrate the recent advances in humanoid robots, an area where the Japanese [...]

7 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Were Fired From Their Own Companies-

Some entrepreneurs create their own successful companies. However, as the size of the companies grow they take in more and more investors. Sometimes, it happens that the investors and the shareholders become more powerful. They even make decisions about the policies, as well [...]

Gorilla Glass

Iron man’s giant transparent screen will be a reality very soon, researchers have claimed. Health monitoring sensors would be built directly into the sensors of smartphone screens. This new technology can be easily incorporated into smartphones as they are already using [...]

Google Glass-

Video analysis softwares and apps can now be used to reveal PIN numbers from videos captured as far as 10 meters. This technique can be applied on videos captured using webcam, Google Glass, Samsung smartwatch and even iPhone 5.   [...]

Cruise RP-1: A Kit To Convert Your Car Into An Autonomous Vehicle-1

Cruise Automation, is the first Californian company that has devised a Kit to give autonomous functionalities to a classical car. A set of sensors, cameras and onboard computer allow the driver to let the car run in an autonomous manner [...]

12 Funny Robotic Failures That Will Make You Die Laughing-2

Although the predictions about the future make us to believe that these are robots will one day dominate the world. However, these moving images may reassure you that this may not be the case very soon! We share with you 12 [...]

12 Stunning Photographs From National Geographic Photo Contest 2014-

The beauty of these images submitted to the National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 will amaze you!  Discover the breathtaking selection from the site VoyagerLoin.com, which lets you admire the 12 shortlisted photographs for the contest. Breathtaking!  The 26th edition of National Geographic Traveler [...]

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