May 2014

Discover The Most Beautiful Landscapes Of Vietnam In 3 Minutes Video-

Gabriel is a filmmaker who travels around the world whenever he gets a chance. In this video, he offers us wonderful images of Vietnam that capture the beauty of landscapes and people. A fantastic way to escape from hassles of everyday life. [...]

Painting in a Cave

A cave has been discovered in one of Spanish cities revealing the facts from the prehistoric era. The paintings on the walls are thought to be 7000 years old. To preserve the paintings, exact location of the cave is untold [...]

Whiteboard inspired notbook

A whiteboard inspired notebook has been designed by the UK students which is reusable and washable. The notebook is even waterproof and can be cleaned with pencil eraser or wet cloth. the students are seeking for funding and have started a campaign on [...]

stuntman's sled

An Australian has developed a sled that can reach the top speed of 311mph as claimed by him. The sled is 3m long and fitted with two jet engines. The current record is 115.83mph which was set by Jason Bradbury in 2011.  [...]

Most Intriguing Abandoned Places In Middle Of Mojave Desert-12

Joe is a photographer who likes to venture into the Mojave Desert to find the abandoned places and photograph their beauty. The beautiful colors and amazing lights in his photographs enhance the beauty of these buildings returned to nature. Accompany Joe [...]

Bionic Drummer Arm: A story that could be related with Def Leppard-1

Richard John Cyril; from English Rock Band Def Leppard, is a prominent Public figure who continued playing Drums after his complete limb amputation by the cause of tragic street-racing accident. A similar story happened in 2012 when a guy named [...]

Limbed Jointed Robot

The newly developed Mobile Service System will provide with self-repair in the orbit. Canadarm2 with Dexter are two important robots of this self-repairing team. Currently Dexter is in testing phase and has been given the task to repair old cameras on Canadaram2.  [...]

DARPA's new reality system

An augmented reality system has been recently revealed by US army which provides live update to the soldiers about the situation  battlefield. The technology is called ARC4 which allows the captain or commander of the soldiers to send them instructions [...]

An English Gardener Grows A Giant Dragon In His Garden-4

An English gardener had the crazy idea to grow a giant dragon in his garden by trimming hedge! We make you discover his artwork that may well leave you breathless. John Brooker is a 75 years old English gardener living in Norfolk, [...]

Your computer Might Be Infected With Spyware Computrace-

What if your laptop or desktop computer was infected with a virtually undetectable spyware? The same argument has been made by Kaspersky which is a company specializing in antivirus. It estimates that more than 2 million computers worldwide are affected by [...]

it weighs 23kg

Each year about 15,500 buildings catch fire causing deaths of up to 60 innocents and injuring up to 930 with a yearly loss of US$ 252. To help the firefighters, a new exoskeleton has been developed which will transform them [...]

With Zen Float Enjoy Moments Of Sensory Deprivation At Home-2

Do you dream of being able enjoy a unique relaxation and comfort at your home? This is now possible thanks to Zen Float. Shane has designed a very special tent where you can enjoy a unique moment of relaxation. We explain the [...]

smartwatch by samsung

Samsung has patented a wristwatch that can be controlled using gestures. You even need not bother for the touch screen now. The depth sensor actually tells where the user is pointing and orientation sensors are used to open the watch with [...]

Amazing 3D glasses

With the help of InvisiVision, you can see different scenes on the same cinema screen. It is also possible to give two different experiences to two different users like one as hero and other as villain. Similarly, the smart glasses’ lenses [...]

Power of tower

Solar Wind Energy Inc. is going to build half a mile high tower to produce electricity. The tower can produce same electricity as 1,00,000 wind turbines. During a clear sunny day, the production of the system is about 1250 megawatt-hours. Permission has [...]

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