April 2014

10 Unique Sculptures Made Of Delicious Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water-7

Even if their mothers always told them never to play with food, some of these artists have truly created some of the most incredible sculptures from food! We present to you a list of amazing creations that will make your mouth [...]

Apple patent

Apple incorporation always came with something new, something very innovative and unique. This time, Apple came with a brand new idea of hologram phone. Hologram movies remained pretty fascinating for masses for long. Thanks to Apple for turning the dream [...]

Driver Texting While A Child walks

Sending text messages while driving can really be a fatal thing to do. A number of accidents and injuries across the world occurs due to this bad practice. That's the reason why in many countries the use of mobile phone [...]

A Dad Gifts A Video To Her Daughter Showing Her Grow Up 14-8

A photographer Dad had this incredible idea to make a video of her daughter Lotte, deciding to film her every week for 14 years. Today, he shares an incredibly emotional and touching glimpse of these videos in just 4 minutes. It [...]

For The First time: A Vaccine Against AIDS Enters A Decisive Step Before Marketing-3

This is indeed a great news for the health of humanity. For the first time ever a vaccine for AIDS treatment, designed by a French firm, has now reached the stage of clinical trials. This may be the beginning of a [...]

yaliny support android and iOS

Mobile communication is no doubt performing a fabulous job of connecting people. However, in some far flung areas this service is not yet available. In such areas, satellites are the only option for global coverage. Now a Russian company Yaliny [...]

Colon cancer diagnosis

Many things that were science fiction yesterday are a reality nowadays, thanks to the technological advancements. You would never have imagined that one day your mobile will be used in the cancer diagnosis. It may look strange but in fact [...]

Mini Robots Controlled By Magnetic Field Will Revolutionize Manufacturing-2

Robotics is a very broad field that has come a long way in its development. By controlling the  tiny robots using magnetic fields, it is now possible to make very precise high-speed operations and at a much smaller cost. We make you discover this very [...]

Researchers Produce Fuel From Seawater To Fly A Remote-Controlled Aeroplane-3

Turn water into fuel for engines? This idea seems to be impossible but it is precisely what a team of American scientists have managed to achieve. Using a very common chemical process, they were able to transform seawater into jet fuel [...]

Stroll Through This Surreal Landscape Formed By Gigantic Salt Mines-14

Emma is an Australian photographer who makes us discover the salt mines of Nullarbor Plain, Australia. Landscapes that come straight from another planet. Attention, you are not going to believe your eyes! Great mountains of pure white salt, these are the photos [...]

Sweden And Norway Import Waste To Fuel Their Electrical Power Plants-5

While many countries are trying to reduce the amount of waste produced by them each year, others are in the opposite situation! Norway and Sweden, which use waste to fuel their power plants, are experiencing an unprecedented shortage of  waste that [...]

world's 1st self cleaning car

Nissan is one of the World's leading companies in engineering and car manufacturing. It has an history of innovation and always comes up with something new. This time, Nissan has made self-cleaning car. No need to worry about the stains [...]

rolling football

It is a great pleasure for the children to play with their parents but unfortunately sometimes parents are too busy to play with them. An inventor dad in Norway has developed a very elegant football robot that can can keep [...]

Missing Your Cat: Kittyo Lets You Play With Your Cat Using Remote Control-2

Do you miss your cat when you leave home alone? A lover of cats has developed a very entertaining device that lets you play with your cat, no matter wherever you are. We explain everything about this revolutionary concept called Kittyo. Lee [...]

The Grand Canyon -Arizona (United States)-Stunning Photographs Reveal The Astounding Beauty Of our planet-7

Our beautiful planet is full of beautiful scenes each more beautiful than other. We take pleasure to introduce you to 16 of the most beautiful places. We take you around the world from Seychelles Norway to Canada! Discover without delay these [...]

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