March 2014

Crush: The Tragic Love Story Between Two Crash Test Dummies (Video)-11

An artist has made a strange but fascinating short film for his graduation project at the Vancouver Film School. He used different modeling softwares for this purpose. This film tells the love story between two dummy models which come to [...]

Surgeons Implant An Entirely 3D Printed Skull -5

The 3D printing had never been previously used in skull surgery. A team of Dutch surgeons has implanted a completely 3D printed skull. The operation lasted for 23 hours and was performed in Netherlands. Discover without delay this awesome work! A [...]

Incredible Bus Stop Shelters Uses Augmented Reality To Stun The Passengers (Video)-3

The Pepsi Max had this unique idea to propose a new and unusual augmented reality experience to passengers at a bus stop in New Oxford Street. New Oxford Street is a major and famous road in West London. Check out the [...]

Robot will Study At Japanese Famous Todai Uuniversity-

Students will soon have robots as their class fellows! Researchers have this incredible idea to let a robots sit in the entrance exams at a Japanese university. We explain to you all this. The computer scientists of the Japanese company  Fujitsu Lab have [...]

Top 12 Mountain Goats In A Miserable Position While Climbing A Cliff-4

The mountain goats are considered to be the very good climbers of cliffs. However, it is possible that they get stuck in an awkward position while climbing. Here, our topic of discussion is such mountain goats who are in such [...]


Satellites are very useful in terms of their coverage and the provision of different services like broadcasting, remote sensing and  telecommunication links. But it is quite expensive and complex procedure to build and launch them into their respective orbits. Once, [...]

Crabster during its Experimentation

Ocean covers 3/4 of the earth's surface and unfortunately this vast area is still unexplored. Many scientists across the world are putting efforts to explore this vast portion of the earth. Scientists believe that ocean is full of minerals and [...]

Creepy remains Of Abandoned Hospital where once hitler was treated-6

This abandoned sanatorium was once a military hospital during world war and a TB retreat before that. Adolf Hitler had also once stayed in this historical building during WW1 when he was a young soldier in army. We take you into [...]

Admire The Elegant Beauty Of Cheetah Running At Full Speed -

Cheetahs are one of the most beautiful and elegant looking animals. Many documentaries are devoted to them but this video by National Geographic focuses on their running, which manifests the elegance of these terrestial animals at its best. Enjoy this fabulous [...]

Foodini-3D printer To Make Food With Nutritious And Fresh Ingredients-

In our previous articles we had described some of the marvels of the 3D printing like it can be used to print pizza for the astronaut in space, as well as, you can have a printed chocolate model of your [...]

Nepalese Honey Hunter Risk Their Lives On High Cliffs To Feed Their Families -4

Andrew is an English photographer who wanted to capture the life of the "Honey Hunters" in Nepal. These hunters risk their lives to harvest honey from bee colonies on high cliffs. We share with you this series of photographs that will [...]


Investment in education of children is one of the most important factor in parent's lives. Mostly, the parents would like to invest where they think their children will be able to get maximum financial reward. The institutes gain popularity and [...]

Altaeros Enegies

Electricity has become a basic human need nowadays and its importance is unquestionable though. Well, the turbines are one of the basic sources of electricity production. Turbines produce electricity from water, wind and many other resources. Recently, a floating turbine [...]

London-Smart Pedestrian Crossing System Trials To Begin Soon-

Starting this summer, the City of London will do the trials for a new system of pedestrian crossings that will use smart cameras to determine as to how many people are waiting at the road crossing. The system will then [...]

Quantified person

Knowing oneself is pretty interesting. Everyone is eager to explore oneself. We want to know how fast we run, how much food we take daily, how much movements we make daily and many more. How does it sound if you [...]

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