February 2014

Discover Magnificent Libraries Worldwide Containing Immense Wealth Of human knowledge-2

Libraries are the places associated with knowledge, learning and a tranquil environment. In addition to that, some libraries are housed in buildings with majestic architecture and a strong sense of aesthetics. We make you discover some libraries of such kind worldwide. In [...]

Doctors Use 3D-Printed Heart Model To Perform A Life-Saving Surgery (Video)-

One of the recent wonders of 3D printing involve the use of a 3D printed heart model to perform a heart surgery on a 14-month child. The model had been made by the joint collaboration between University of Louisville and [...]

Lotus develops the prototype of Superbike Tron-4

For the sports bikes fans! The famous futuristic motorcycle "Superbike" from the movie Tron has already become a reality. Still at its prototype stage, only 100 of this beautiful bike would be constructed. We make you discover this marvel of technology and [...]

Phantom Limb Pain Relief Using Augmented Reality Techniques-

It is a well known medical fact that many amputees feel pain in their lost limb. Medical scientists say that the reason for this pain is that the part of the brain responsible for controlling the lost limb becomes inactive. [...]

Kelemens Torggler Amazing Doors Fold Onto Themselves Like Origami-1

An Austrian designer has invented a new design for sliding doors that open and close in a surprisingly distinguished manner. At the slightest touch, they fold onto themselves like origami! We make you discover these magic doors in pictures. Most of [...]

The World's First Artificial Lung: A Major Breakthrough For The Future Of Transplantation-2

The lung transplantation operations have suffered from two major drawbacks: First of all there are not enough donations of lungs, secondly, very often after lung transplantation the immune system of the patient may deem the lung as some foreign body and [...]

Raven Has A Remarkable Brain Capable Of Solving Complex Puzzles In 8 Steps-8

Although the man is considered to be the most intelligent of the species living on the planet earth. Some other species also have some highly developed intellectual abilities. Scientists have always been fascinated by them and seek to constantly evaluate their [...]

An Abandoned Flemish City Becomes A Giant Canvas Dedicated To Street Art (Photo Gallery)-14

Belgium has a strange abandoned village dedicated to street art. A photographer has immersed himself in the heart of this giant, open-air and sublime street canvas. We make you discover this absolutely amazing ghost town through these photographs. Due to its proximity [...]

Scientists Respond To The Threat Of Disappearing Bees By Making Insect Robots For Cross Pollination -3

A team of scientists is working on a prototype artificial brain that simulates the behavior of a bee. This ingenious invention will then be implanted into a small robot to create a synthetic autonomous insect. We explain everything in detail! Two groups [...]

Harvard Scientists Take Inspiration From Termites To Make Fully Autonomous Builder Robots-3

Scientists have taken inspiration from termites to make fully autonomous robots, that are able to construct building structures on their own! We explains to you the working of these tiny builder robots. The success of "TERMS" Project at Harvard has revealed that a [...]

The Ark:  Technology And Nature Combine To Give A Fantastic Spectacle Of Light And Sound-2

The Ark is the name of the amazing show of lights that projects the images of beautiful cactus. Combined with electronic music, this spectacle transports us to a metaphysical world. We make you discover this unique spiritual experience.  In the festival [...]

MX3D-Metal 3D Printer Can Now Print Self Supporting Metal Sculptures-

Nowadays, the 3D printing is very hot in the technology news. Despite the fact that 3D printing has achieved milestone after milestone, the technology is still in its infancy for printing the large structures.  One of the most recent developments [...]

Nanogenerator Made Of Spongy Material Can Now Use Car Vibrations For Mobile Charging-

Forget all those wires and the charging pads to charge your mobile phones, while you are in a car journey. The mobiles can now be easily  recharged by just using the car vibrations. This has been made possible due to [...]

Scientist Can Now Control The Pain In Mice Using Different Type Of Light-

Researchers at stanford have been able to genetically modify the mice so that the exposure of their paws to one type of light increases the sense of pain, while the exposure to another type of light reduces the sensation to [...]

Netflix develops An Artificial Brain To Recommend You Movies According To Your Tase-1

When you want to watch a movie, nothing ever matches the advice of a friend who knows your tastes, but that could change in the near future! Netflix is developing a unique kind of online search engine that understands and [...]

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