January 2014

Discover the Beauty Of Spiders Through Microscopic Photographs-23

Most of the people get frightened and disgusted by the presence of spiders in their vicinity. Some enthusiasts have tried to explore the sublime beauty of these eight legged creatures through the eye of microscopic photographs. Eight legs and many [...]

Now Blind Can Have A Tactile Sight Using An Experimental contact lens-2

The eyesight is truly one of the biggest  blessings of life. It enables us to do our daily work, enjoy the beautiful scenery and see our loved ones etc. Researchers at an Israeli university have developed a contact lense that can help [...]

Samsung poster-

Now, it is the time to assess the performance of different smartphone constructors worldwide for the year 2013. The Samsung really leads the way as the firm has sold more smartphones than Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined. We present to [...]

Top 14 Creepy Monuments Erected With Human Bones And Skulls-4

It may seem surprising to you but there are buildings which were built exclusively using human bones. These buildings, built mainly for the religious purposes, have made the human bones a part of the architectural style. The style may be [...]

Your Body Heat Can Now Power Your Portable Electrical Gadgets-

The latest Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas was marked by the introduction of a new revolutionary battery that can power your wearable gadgets using the heat generated by the human body. This ecological system would hopefully able to recharge watches [...]

Miners in Pittston, PA-Child Labourers-

Nowadays, the working conditions in the developed countries are very different from that of twentieth century. In addition to that, the child labour was also subjected to these painful working conditions. Lewis has compiled these series of shocking photographs showing the [...]

Within three years batteries May Be Powered By Sugar-1

It is a high time for our planet, as the scientific and researchers are trying to find non-polluting alternatives to existing sources of energy. A team of researchers has managed to make a battery with a sugar based solution. We [...]

SaveOneLife system: Lemur Studio Fits Shoes With A Mine Detector-1

In warn torn zones, even after the seizures of hostilities, the already deployed landmines continue to threaten the people for a long time. The SaveOneLife project, designed by Lemur Design Studio, incorporates the mine detector in the shoes of people to [...]

Custom Leg Prosthesis Designs For The Fashionable Amputees-12

Some people, despite of their disabilities, do not consider themselves handicapped, and want to live and enjoy the life to its fullest. We present to you some of the customized and fashionable leg prostheses designs for such people.  Bespoke Innovations was [...]

The Discovery Of A Mysterious Rock On Mars Intrigues The Scientific Community-1

Opportunity was the rover sent on Mars about 10 years ago. After 10 years of operation on the red planet, it has completed its mission with a nice surprise. The rover has discovered a strange rock that was not there [...]

University Of Coimbra Makes Landmine-detecting Husky Robot For Safe Minesweeping In War Torn Areas-

Like Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, known as the weapons of mass destruction, the mines are also one of the biggest threats to humanity. The exact number of landmines deployed around the world is unknown. However, according to an estimate [...]

End Of Update To Windows XP Makes 95% of ATMs Worldwide Vulnerable To Piracy -1

Almost 3 million ATM machines worldwide use Windows XP as an operating system. However, Microsoft has announced the end of updates to this operating system. Hence, these machines are at risk of piracy. In fact, the ATM machines being used by [...]

China Restricts Its Web Users To Prove Their Identity Before Uploading A Video-

The Chinese government is now implementing a new measure to control the video publishers on the internet. The internet users now have to first prove their identity before uploading a video on a video sharing site.  This decision is being [...]

The Starry Sky Of The Atacama Desert, San Pedro, South America, Reveals Its Splendor (Video)-18

"Ancients" is a beautiful short time-lapse video that shows us the beauty of the Atacama Desert, located in South America. Thanks to the absence of clouds, the spectacle offers a splendid view of the starry sky at night. Stars look as [...]

Sensoria Connected Socks Will Become Your New Personal Coach-

The technology of connected devices will soon be developed and customized for your own clothes too. For example,  the Heapsylone company is launching connected socks that can keep track of your physical activities. We introduce to you this garment of [...]

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