December 2013

Wordpress- removal of images from google index problem With Imaguard wordpress plugin

Imaguard is a wordpress plugin that is supposed  to increase the image search traffic to your blog as it disables hotlinking of your images on the remote blog sites and in the google image search. It redirects the hits onto [...]

Absolutely Beautiful Staircase Designs That You Would Love To Climb-

While nowadays most people love to ride elevator floors, still some people prefer to use the staircases as they are more near to a healthy lifestyle. We present to you the top 20 beautiful staircases with a sublime architecture that [...]

Super Creative Lamps For Decoration Of Your Home-19

Some designers show immense talent and the creativity when it comes to reinvent everyday objects for the pleasure of eyes. We present to you 20 such examples of lamp designs which in which the artists have invested their hard work and [...]

Starpath: An ecological alternative to lampposts in the town-2

Have you ever dreamed of walking among the stars? Well, thanks to this innovative spray you can transform the walking tracks into an illuminated paths. We present to you this ecological innovation that in future can replace our electric streetlights. The [...]

Alice X. Zhang Beautiful Paintings Of The Scenes From Famous Cult Films-15

The films have always inspired the works of many artists. Same is the case of Alice, who makes beautiful paintings based upon scenes of famous international films. We present to you a collection of the works of this talented artist.  [...]

Top 22 Unusual And Crazy Cars That will not go unnoticed-22

Some collectors are very passionate to collect wonderful cars. Among them are some very original and strange car designs that will catch the attention of everybody passing by. We present to you a collection of 22 totally crazy looking such cars. [...]

Terrifying Dolls Will Surely Frighten Naughty Kids-3

The dolls are an integral part of toddler girls' childhood. When we think of dolls, they reminds us of innocent faces like that of Barbie. However, an artist had this strange idea to turn these toys into terrifying objects that will bring nightmares [...]

Abominable Pikachu Disguises That You Would Have Never Seen Before-3

Since the creation of Pokémon, many different version or types of Pokemon have been created. So much so, that it is almost impossible to make a list of all the existing Pokémon. However, one unique Pokemon stands out among others and [...]

The Tender Moments From The Lovely Friendship Between A Dog And A Fox-2

In the animal kingdom, there are sometimes examples of inter-species friendships that seem impossible to believe. This is the case of the relationship between a fox and a dog that reminds us of the amazing animated Disney films. We invite you [...]

Amazing Lifelike Wooden Sculptures Made By russian sergei-19

Sergei is a Russian sculptor with an incredible talent and skilfull fingers. When the timber comes under his hands, he turns it into lifelike  animals with precise depiction of their hair and feathers. We take you to the discovery of these [...]

Discover The Impressive Bionic Insects From Insect Labs-6

Insects are an important part of the ecological balance of our planet. An American artist has also sought to sublimate these little creatures by making them from metal. We take you to the discovery of these interesting works of metallic art. [...]

Super Geek Sweaters For Winter Holidays-3

Whether you are a geek or just a fan of geek clothing , in either case, these Christmas sweaters will certainly make you happy. After all, why Yoda, Ninja Turtles or Pac-man could also not embody the magic of the winter [...]

Striking Portraits Merging Faces With Milanese Architecture (Photo Gallery)-

At first glance, a face has nothing in common with the urban architecture. However, Francesco had the idea to combine these two elements in beautiful photographs to honor the beautiful Italian city of Milan and its inhabitants. Discover without delay these artworks. [...]

Most Wacky And Non-Traditional Christmas Trees -

The Christmas tree is one of the most indisputable symbols of the Christmas and the New year. While most of the people decorate their homes with traditionally styled Christmas trees, some do not hesitate to be creative! The proof is these 20 [...]

Awesome Ice Sculptures That Will Make Traditional Snowman Jealous-11

If the traditional snowman is emblematic of the winter, some people have been endowed with an original talent to go further by creating real and impressive ice sculptures. We present 20 of these works that give you a new dimension to [...]

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