November 2013

Stunning Nature Inspired Sculptures Made Only Using Pencils-4

Normally, we think many artworks are created using pencils by drawing them on a sheet paper. However, an artist had this innovative idea to bundle a collection pencils into real sculptures. We present to you this sumptuous work. Jennifer Maestre  is an [...]

Balloon Festival of Albuquerqe Witness The Soaring Of Hundred Of Beautifu Balloons-10

If you have ever dreamed of flying to a high altitude in a boat that floats with the wind, this video is for you. This beautiful time-lapse shows us the beauty of Balloon Festival of Albuquerqe in which annually hundreds of [...]

25 extreme Hipsters of modern times-

It is true that the physical appearance and and modern gadgets occupy an important place in our society. However, some people refuse to get caught up in this race of modernity and style. These people called hipster, often do very [...]

An artist Uses Matching Colors To Give A Dazzling Look To Everyday Objects-5

From amazing landscapes to graceful portraits, photography is used to capture images of many different types. Emilie has set her sights on colored objects of everyday, she arranges them to make beautiful and original pictures with startling perfection. We make you [...]

Decorate Your Home With Super Bright Jellyfish Lamps-1

If you are an Amateur of the decoration objects, you will not be disappointed! We present to you the fantastic new and beautiful lamps shaped like the jellyfish.  Roxy Russell has created a superb Medusae collection, the hanging lamps produced using the [...]

The eruption of a volcano in Japan gives rise to the birth of an island of the coast of Japan-3

The Japanese archipelago has just welcomed a new island among its 8,645 already identified islands. Indeed, it was after the eruption of an underwater volcano that this new island has emerged. Japanese coastguard managed to capture this incredibly rare moment on a [...]

Emotional Charged Photographs That Prove That Humanity Is Not Yet Lost-3

Pessimistic people may think that humanity is only filled with evil people without a heart? Well, we brings you the proof that there are indeed people who know the definition of "kindness" and "support." Here are 19 photographs  that illustrate the goodness [...]

A Passionate Of Jetpack Flies Over Mount Fuji Using His Own Built Jetpack-10

Always seeking a greater feeling of freedom, the Swiss Yves Rossy made himself a jet pack that allows him to escape into the air. In his latest video, he takes you into the sky for an unforgettable Japanese experience over Mount [...]

Children Who Use Their Imagination To Do Weird And Hilarious Things-3

Children are small creatures whose acts are sometimes difficult to comprehend. It is true that the kids have a world of their own and what they do is perfectly normal according to that but adults sometimes have difficulty understanding their toddlers. [...]

Abandoned Places That Will Remind You Of Forgotten Japan-15

Today when we talk about Japan, we are often thinking about a totally crazy and offbeat culture. However, the country of the Rising Sun has a deep culture and history. The economic crises have given way to many emotionally charged abandoned [...]

A Revolutionary Brain Implant Reduces The Risk Of Epilepsy Seizures By 38%-3

To fight against epilepsy, the U.S. administration has authorized the marketing of a brand new skull/brain implant. This revolutionary object will reduce the risk of seizures by 39% for people suffering drugs resistant epilepsy. The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) in U.S. has [...]

An Artist Makes Hilarious Caricatures Of Queen of England On Australian Dollar -24

An anonymous artist has drawn the caricatures of Her Majesty the Queen of England in very funny situations. And he has done this using the 5 Australian dollars note. Discover this unique collection. Find the Queen along with  Zoidberg  or she has [...]

An Artist Blends Traditional Japanese Art With Electronic Circuits-3

An artist has decided to mix the traditional Japanese painting style with several electronic components in order to achieve these incredible works. When traditional art meets modern technology, the result is surprisingly beautiful! The South Korean artist Kim Yong Soo  had the beautiful [...]

How Did The French Artists Saw The Future In 1950's-1

The future has always fascinated the people and this fact is as true today as it was many years ago. In the 1950s, French artists made several illustrations to show us how they imagined our today's world. We take you to [...]

How To Shelve The Human Beings With The Books-6

For the lovers of art and design, we present some original works that combine men and furniture! What would happen if we tried to blend ourselves into shelves? Here is the answer ;) The artist designer Darragh Casey has created for you a new [...]

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