October 2013

Animal Halloween Disguises 7

Younger as well as elder await impatiently for the Halloween period, preparing to get dressed in new disguises. However, the animals also deserve to celebrate this event. We present to you a selection of 21 animals dressed as real halloween stars. via freewallimages [...]

Zombie is coming out of my cake

When ever we think of famous Halloween party, we think of original but wacky costumes as well as the frenzy that is associated with this event. In this event with the atmosphere of the horror movies, some people even go one [...]

Interracial Animal Friendships 5

It is said that the rule of the most powerful governs the jungle. However, there are also wonderful stories of the tender moments of friendship between animals of different species. It is sometimes surprising to see that the predator and the [...]

Plight Of Beggar Monkeys 10

Whether you are a Photography enthusiast or a staunch defender of animal rights, you will be stunned by these photographs. Discover monkeys of Jakarta, transformed into living dolls by man and forced into begging. We present to you this series [...]

22 babies victim of imagination of their parents

Halloween has become an occasion for people to dress up in fascinating dresses. However, some dress up their children in crazy dresses even as dogs and cats. Discover 22 cute babies who are complicit (or victims) in the whims of their parents! [...]

Strange Places On Earth From Alien Planets 3

Our beautiful planet is full of diversity and a multitude of elusive and scenic places. But it also full of strange and wonderful places that seem to come from another alien world. We let you discover 14 places totally out of [...]

Bio Dresses Made From Vegetables 4

Here are some dresses that Lady Gaga would not be able to resist! After wearing a dress made from raw meat, most probably she would like wear a dress made from vegetables! If you feel a desire to recycle your [...]

Chinese Replica Of Eiffel Tower Paris 9

In Zejinang Province of China, there exists an almost deserted replica of Paris city. Like Paris,the city also contains a  108 meters high copy of Eiffel Tower. We take you to heart of this city.  We know that our Paris city is the [...]

Decorations Using Ww2 Submarines 1

On your first thought, old submarine mines may be a dangerous thing for you. but Mati Karmin had the ingenious idea of converting them into everyday useful objects and decorations. Perhaps seeing these decorations you would like to have them in your [...]

Halloween Cat Disguises 17

Cats are sometimes victims of wacky whims of their masters who conceive original ideas for clothes, hats and costumes of all kinds. And the arrival of Halloween does nothing to not help much to improve things. As a proof we present [...]

Cute Baby Animals

We often associate cuteness with the childhood. The same is true for the human beings, as well as, animals. The childhood cuteness not only means cute face but also the traits like curiosity, innocence, fragility and affection etc. It is [...]

Dubai splendid city that never sleeps

The city of Dubai is known to be a beautiful oasis in the desert. This video proves that life in this wonderful city takes on another dimension: skyscrapers under construction, the cars moving, and all these lights. Indeed, Dubai is [...]

Royal Martinet-Swift stay aloft for consecutive six months

Different species of birds have their own special characteristics and qualities. Among these birds, the Alpine Swift, has a unique quality that you would have never imagined. It is able to stay aloft for nearly 6 months without landing. Also called [...]

Explore The Mind Blowing United States Landscapes 9

The time-lapse videos provide us with an unusual and unique way to discover the beauty of a country. A photographer of United States visits the most beautiful national parks of the country to capture the rare beauty of the landscape. Admire the [...]

Solana Solar Power Plant Produces Energy At Night 1

Sunlight is one of the most environment friendly and pollution free sources of generating electricity. However, solar energy has one severe limitation, as soon as the sun goes down this important sources of energy is no longer available. In Arizona, a new type [...]

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