September 2013

Sushi Cats New Japanese Eating Fashion 12

So the rumors turned out to be true: the Japanese not only eat fish but they also appreciate eating the harmless cats. Obviously, this is publicity campaign of a company that has created a series of posters and stickers with the [...]

Bizarre Landscapes Of Socotra Island 1

There is a mysterious island off the coast of Yemen that contains the most bizarre landscapes which remained isolated for million of years and can not be found elsewhere on Earth. The trees and plants have the most odd appearance [...]

Super Heroes Black And White Portraits 13

Recently, we had written and article about Your Favorite Super Heroes Turned Into Dangerous Zombies by a virus infection. An American comics artist pays tribute to his favorite by drawing beautiful black and white portraits of them. We invite you to [...]

Stunning Scenery Of America 1

All of us have desire to escape from everyday routine, return to the mother nature, and tranquility. This is what this artist offers us through his surreal photographs that capture the beauty of nature. This photographic collection will take you into [...]

Amazing Sand Sculptures 18

In our childhood, perhaps everyone of us had tried to build sand castles on the beach. However, this artist has only one passion, realize impressive and towering sand sculptures with great attention to realism. These images will leave you speechless.  [...]

Star Wars Storyboards 12

This fact may be surprising for you but the Star Wars saga had a difficult start. No production studio wanted to produce it. It was only possible due to the talents of an illustrator. We invite you to discover the [...]

Symmetric Artworks Of French Artist 8

This French artist plays with the nature to create geometric artworks, using only the pieces of plants or sticks.  The artist uses light and the reflection of the water to create striking effects of symmetry. A series of simple but fascinating photos that [...]

Amazing Abandoned Places 14

We want to take you on to the journey of discovery of 14 places that were built by man but were eventually abandoned. Mother Nature has reclaimed the man made concrete constructions. Rediscover these places in a different way! 1. Pripyat - [...]

Most Beautiful Heavenly Places 1

Our planet is full of majestic and beautiful landscapes that are constantly changing, resulting in some magical moments. This American photographer takes you to discover different places of our planet sublimated by a beautiful timelapse video. Dustin Farrell, an adventurer and [...]

Original Movie Character Sketches 1

The characters you see in fantasy films or science fiction are first of all imagined by their creators. These illustrators make multiple sketches of the character according to the specifications set by the film production. Discover the preliminary sketches of your [...]

Artworks Created Using Buttons 19

Augusto Esquivel makes these beautiful artworks using simple buttons hanging from a fishing cord. These artworks represent simple everyday objects, as well as, famous works of art like Mona Lisa, using only buttons. Discover the unique work of the artist. [...]

Colorized Past Photos 15

For some photography is a passion. And this passion is almost two centuries old. From black and white to color, from reel cameras to today's digital cameras, the photography has evolved. We share with you the colorized versions of some [...]

Human Sculpture From Dice 3

Have a closer look. These beautiful sculptures that reproduce the human postures so well made entirely from dices. Discover the breathtaking work of the artist. This series of realistic human sculptures is the fruit of the long hard work of [...]

Astonishing Mechanical Watch Sculptures 1

Sometimes the artists find a way to manifests their artworks in a very unusual way. This artist shows us a collection of pocket watches that have been converted to amazing mechanical sculptures. Susan Beatrice, is an American Artist residing in the State [...]

Light And Shadow Sculptures 8

Kumi Yamashita is a Japanese artist who uses with perfection the light and shadow to give life to some fascinating objects. With this incredible technique, she plays with the position of the light source to play with the shadow of the objects! The [...]

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