August 2013


Tired of traditional furniture styles and want to add style to your office or living room? So here are 20 unique and original models of chairs designed by different artists. Check out all the 100% original creations! The least we can say [...]

The Muzzle Duckbill To Remove Any Credibility To Your Dog

A number of small inventions have been shown in this article, may be they are useful for some of you while useless for others. We can't exactly tell the actual importance of these little gadgets in true sense. However, the [...]

Golden Triangle Chiang Rai Thailand

Summer is here and with the heat  it is these days, best is not to stray too far from a water source! To take your mind off the work or give you ideas, if you are already on holiday, here are [...]

Rimmel Nail Polish That Dries In Minutes

If we deeply observe our surroundings, we will find a number of ads in bus stops, malls, streets, parks and in other places too. There is a tough competition between different ad companies. The company having the most unique and [...]


 As summers arrives, schools start planning for summer vacations, giving home work tasks to the students. Students also get excited to do creative things during holidays and some such tasks are given by their school. However, as the temperature rises, [...]

Alessandro Diddi Anamorphic 3D Drawings 1

A designer uses several thoughtful tips to create sumptuous anamorphic drawings. It looks as if these creations just want to escape the paper! We leave you to try to find the techniques used by this magical artist.  The designer Alessandro Diddi  makes wonderful [...]

Falling Garden By Gerda Steiner Jorg Lenzlinger 3

From colourful parks for the children to the fun places for adults, in this articles you are going to see some bizarre places built by artists whose minds came with these amazing ideas. One thing you will notice is that [...]

Crazy Computer Mouse Designs 2

Would you like to be unique in your office in one way or the other?  Well, we have a solution for you. Discover a selection of 18 unusual and crazy computer mouse!! That will impress your colleagues.  Shaped as Mario [...]

Sergio Albiac Human Stellar Portraits 30

An artist makes portraits of humans conceptualized upon the life cycle of stars. A series of photos of a new genre that will give your face a interstellar appearance. Sergio Albiac is an artist from Barcelona artist. He is behind the project [...]

House Attack Vienna Austria 1

In this article you will see some of the wonderful and accomplished architectural designs.. All designs are diverse and different from normal designs we see each day. The designs are inspired from classical as well as modern architecture designs.  It [...]

Amazing 3D Sculptures Made Using Kirigami 19

A Japanese artist Nahoko Kojima has introduced a new way of working with paper to create sculptures. She cuts the paper into different parts of a sculpture and then sews them together to make a 3D sculpture. Seeing her sculptures she [...]


The friendship between a man and his pet, can sometimes lead to some magical moments of love and affection. Earlier we had written an article on how eye of the camera immortalizes the love between a grandmother and her cat. [...]

Cats Portrait As Aristocrats 1

An Uzbek artist has painted a number of portraits of aristocrats and replaced humans by cats, its sounds weird but look nice. How the artist came with this idea? Actually an Uzbek artist named Eldar Zakirov had been given this [...]

Ultra Realistic Paintings 1

Earlier we had written an article about Incredible Paintings That Look Like Photographs. Here, we are going to represent another impressive series of ultra-realistic photographs. The "photo-realism" is intended to be as close as possible to reality. Discover some of the [...]

Spectacular Coloured Mountains From China 3

In nature, there is no need to use a photo editing software to enhance the beauty of natural landscapes! The pictures that you see going to see are 100% untouched and you will discover the beauty of the colored mountains in [...]

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