July 2013

Car Design Cake

 Either it is a wedding, celebration party or birthday party, cake is a must present item for such occasions. Earlier plain cake or cakes with little designing were used but nowadays designed cakes are in, which look more yummy and [...]


October 31 is a date of the most terrifying pranks and jokes. With respect to this importance of Haloween,  an artist producers special Haloween artworks, that is, he gives life to pumpkins! The work of Ray Villafane is difficult to remain [...]

Dissected Anatomy Models Pop Culture Icons 36

Those of you with the knowledge of medical science might remember the dissected models used for teaching anatomy. These models give us information about structure and working of Skeleton and other body organs. An artist got inspired by these models [...]

The Treasures Of Children 311

Do you remember your childhood treasure? The Most valued Possessions of all? This is the subject of this series of beautiful photographs: a photographer took pictures of treasures of children from around the world! A touching series. This is surely recalling [...]

Urban Reality High Density City10

The photographer wants to show a vision of urban reality in cities with high population density. As a result, we see these fascinating and frightening photographs of modern urban life. Michael Wolf, a photographer who lived in Hong Kong for eight years, is the [...]

A badly stuffed cat

Here is a selection of the most atrocious and worst examples of animal stuffing after their death. It is a matter of shame for persons who are responsible for doing this to the poor animals.  Why do people stuff the [...]


Able to steer a helicopter just by the shear strength of human muscles is a dream that will be soon a reality! A team of Canadian students have managed to make a flight of more than one minute, at the height of more [...]

Marilyn Monroe Portrait Made By Crowd 1

A well-organized crowd can be arranged to give beautiful and creative images. It is this observation that led an American artist to reproduce portraits of celebrities by using people as pixels! Art has no limits and this is what is proved [...]


Advertising agencies sometimes come up with wacky and bold ideas to reach out to their potential customers! Here are 29 unusual shopping bag designs used in brand advertising. Attention! some of these bags may be offensive for young;). Rather than using an [...]

Unexpected Invasion Marriage Photos 1

A new trend of madness in marriage photos is invading the world. In this trend! the newlyweds immortalize their commitment through increasingly geek and crazy shots, the dinosaurs, giant robots or creatures from movies like Star Wars invade the marriages. Recently  Quinn Miller, [...]

Funny Tourist Holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is well known that tourists have a bad reputation in many countries! They are often ridiculed because  sometimes they would act and behave awkwardly, as they would never do at home. However, as seen in the photos below their behavior is [...]

Panorama House Amazing Designs 49

Imagine a house whose key component is an indoor slide for children. If you do not believe it, see what a Korean architect has made for a small family. Panorama House is the name given to this family home located in Chungcheongbuk-do South [...]

Animal Sculptures Made From Fruits 38

Discover the amazing animal sculptures that are made from fruits and vegetables! They look so real and cute that you would like to eat them over. Some people are vegetarian and they do not eat the animal meat. However, we [...]

Chema Madoz Black And White Illusions 2

Here is a series of impressive photographs that you will leave you shaking your heads! The black and white surrealist photos will plunge you into the fascinating world of illusions and perfect photo montages. Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer who plays with conventions, [...]

Make Super Cool Ice Cream 13

Do you want to refresh yourself during the summers  with cream. Rather than buy, why not do make one  yourself? ;)  Ice-creams are an integral part of the diet of the during summer seasons. But why always taste the same flavors, [...]

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