June 2013

This man does not has dog head.

Discover the 25 amazing photographic illusions. To achieve such photos, you either need to have a vivid imagination, or you have to take the shot at the right place and especially at the right time. In all cases, you will be amazed [...]

Rock Band and Polka group

The series of photographs that you are going to discover is really interesting as they highlight some of the inequalities in this world. The goal of the photographer is to highlight the differences between people who became different because of the [...]

Top Funny rabbit disguises

A rabbit is a cute animal. Except when it is five to six meters high and its teeth are like real small guillotines saws. Rabbits that you will see in this posts are nothing but a disguise. These "rabbits" will not run as [...]

"Back To Future" project (Source http://irinawerning.com/)

Irina Werning's project "Back to the Future" is based upon the idea of comparing the two photos of the same person and in the same out fit but at different age. The idea is specially very interesting in the case when [...]

The Top Cat Sweater Designs

A sweater can be very useful for your cat. Especially, in very cold seasons and environments if your cat cannot go outside to relieve herself or the internal heating of your apartment is not proper. In such case, even humans [...]

old inventions from the past

A number of inventions were invented between the years 1920 and 1940. Some of the inventions failed but some also succeeded and became a part of the modern world like the GPS and first bulletproof glass. A number of ideas [...]

Statue Of Liberty – New York (1886)

The construction of a new gigantic historical monument is always a challenging task for the construction workers and the engineers. First of all, all these monuments have been built for the first time without any existing models. Hence, making the [...]

The main character with back towards us

Have you ever wondered what is the common point between the film posters of Inception, Spider-Man 2 and A Very Long Engagement? The answer is simple: they all show a film character pointing his back towards us! Discover many other [...]


A father of two daughters took an amazing photoshoot of  his girls. The photo shoot is unique and adventerous as most often girls pose in situations that do not happen in day to day life. Some photos give the impression [...]

Mahendraparvata--The 1200 years old Cambodian city

Few weeks, back we came to know about the discovery of an ancient sunken city in Egypt. This time another 1200 years old city has been discovered in Cambodian jungles by the Australian researchers.  This discovery was made by Australian [...]


If sometimes the immensity of mountains and skyscrapers surprised you, then you must brace yourself for more surprises. As, if you study astronomy you will be amazed by the vastness of this universe and the fact that our Earth in universe [...]

Anonymous, 9, Ivory Coast

The sleeping room of  a child  in advanced countries shows his personality. However, this is not true for children who are living in underdeveloped countries. This series of photographs will show you the difference in the living standard of children in developed [...]

Kill a cigarette and save a life. Yours

The ads make you aware of the dangers of cigarette. They change every year. With the passage their style is becoming more elegant and they are proving very effective to stop non-smokers and discourage others from starting. Here, we present [...]

A lawn on a car Dipfan

Over the centuries humanity has advanced a lot. However, despite all this we cannot forget our proximity to the nature and the importance of conserving the nature. Check out the 26 unique ideas of the designers that are inspired by [...]

Het Arresthuis-The dining room of prison-hotel

No, this is not a hotel used as prison to solve the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Rather, an abandoned prison in Netherlands is converted into a luxury hotel. A good inspiration for hotel chain owners! Prisons are never associated [...]

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