May 2013

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The publicity photos of the Facewaver Exercise Mask are not really attractive. However, the Japanese company who made these masks is really adamant that using this mask can significantly reduce the wrinkles on your face. The mask in question is [...]

Picture 25: Funny Christmas Photo

The Christmas is indeed a unique moment in the the family life of a man. This occasion enables the members of a family to see one another together, sometimes, even after a year. The Christmas is really a special event [...]

A Cake Made Like A Serpent

The most difficult part of making a cake is its decoration. Mostly the cake makers use cream for this purpose and embellish it with candies etc. However, nothing in terms of creativity matches the cakes presented here.  These cakes have [...]

Cats As Funny Hats

Are you looking for some good and stylish hat for the summer season? Well, perhaps now its the time to check a unique type of hats. You can use your cat to protect you against the sun and also show [...]

Funny Long Cat Beards

Many of you must have seen the white long beard of Christmas Santa. If anyone likes to grow such a long beard, one of the easiest and fast ways to grow such beard is using your cat. Here, we present [...]

Paper Art: Animal Models Made Using Paper

Most of us think that artificial animal masks are made using real fur. However, the artist José Suris IV is set out to prove this assumption wrong. On his website he takes us straight into an animal world created from his [...]

Bosco Verticale: The World's First Artificially Grown Residential Forests

This is the world's first urban reforestation project. Twin residential towers of 27 floors are being constructed in Milan. The towers will be covered with some 730 trees and 11000 plants, grown artificially. The building will be autonomous in its energy [...]

Source: Kazuki Yamamoto

Caffe Latte is a coffee prepared by pouring steamed milk into espresso. The Composition of Caffee Latte is two third part of steamed milk, one third part of espresso, and about 1 cm of foam. However, the foam can be [...]

The Beautiful Insects

With advent of macroscopic photography it has become possible to go even deeper into the mysterious and fascinating world of insects, and appreciate its beauty. Have you ever wondered how many eyes a spider has or how is the body [...]

A Lion on the sand(Credit Svetlana Ivanchenko)

A proficient Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko, shows her marvelous art work to the world. She has a unique way of showing her artistic abilities as she creates amazing portraits using  sand and sea shells. She is the native of Yalta, [...]

Beautiful and strange, the monument of Stonehenge offers a spectacle of the most breathtaking sunset

The sunset and the sunrise are the two magical moments of the day. The nature lovers are always on the look for spots to have a perfect view of the sunset. Fortunately, there are many such locations around the world. [...]

Brinicles, ice finger of death

This world is full of strange things that provoke curiosity of human mind. We find strange and diverse natural phenomena everywhere on the earth. We have compiled the photo gallery of 10 of the strangest and most unusual phenomena on our planet [...]

A Hyper-Realistic Painting Of Tokyo City

When you view these paintings, they will deceive you into thinking that they are only photographs. However, only the description on the canvas and close examination will reveal that these are acrylic oil paintings. These artists have real gift for capturing [...]

The Beauty Of Sea Waves Frozen In time (Credit Pierre Carreau)

The nature is beautiful. Whenever, we want to enjoy the nature we go to places untouched by the human colonisation. We can go to jungles away from hassles of daily life to enjoy the beauty of greenery, fresh air and get [...]

A new way to prevent the car door from opening

To invent something in order to solve your day to day problems always requires imagination and creativity. Sunday is a day of holiday and relaxing. However, some people make full use of this day to unleash the potential of their [...]

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