April 2013


An aurora (also known as aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere and aurora australis in the southern hemisphere) is a luminous display of colours in the night sky, predominatly of green colour. Auroras are caused by the interaction between the [...]


  Alexander Graham Bell is considered to be the inventor of telephone and one of the absolute pioneers of this technology that revolutionized global communication in nineteenth century. His voice has been unveiled again 128 years after his first historical recording. This [...]


NASA has sent three Google Nexus One, Android Smartphones in orbit around the Earth so that they can become "low-cost" satellites. NASA has used the launcher Antares of Orbital Sciences Corp. to launch these low cost satellites. The goal of [...]


Our universe is a vast, amazing and wonderful place. Our solar system consists of Sun and eight planets revolving around Sun. Our earth is one such planet and moon revolves around earth. Moon has in fact fairly large size (it [...]

There is a saying that a picture  is worth more than a thousand words. With the advent of the cameras it was possible take photos. This enabled the documentation of history not only in the form of written words but [...]

A swimming Pool in the Saudi prison.

A rehabilitation prison has been opened for terrorists in Saudi Arabia. The prison contains a swimming pool, gymnasium, relaxation area, painting workshops and other games. This luxurious rehabilitation program has been designed for Al-Qaeda members who want to repent. This rehabilitation prison named Centre and Supervisory Board of [...]


  Oko company designs a water bottle fitted with a filtration system that instantly turns cola and other soft drinks into clear and colourless water. The filtre is inspired by a NASA technology used on the International Space Station. It [...]


Most of us would have experienced that sometimes it is difficult to remember the names of people that we know. According to the University of Sussex, this happens because the brain is trying to avoid being overloaded with information."Scientists have long [...]


The Logo is the most important representation of a company in the mind of a customer. Like everything else in this world the Logos have also evolved over time. Some of the logos are known worldwide e.g., KODAK, IBM, BMW etc. [...]


  A couple of South Carolina was doing its routine walk in the woods when it observed a strange phenomenon. A plant was swinging vigorously while there was no wind blowing. Jason Freeman and his wife were near the town [...]


A strange phenomenon happened during a concert by the folk group "Los Tekis" in Salta, Argentina. The concert was in full swing when suddenly a green light appeared in the sky. Slowly, the light began to intensify and finally took [...]


The police in northern India has arrested a 47 year old man on Wednesday, who had concluded a deal on Facebook to sell the new born son of his divorced  daughter. The man, a resident of Ludhiana in Indian state [...]

A fifteenth century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany

Throughout the history of the mankind, the human beings have always populated many new cities and places. Some cities grew more populated than the others because of their political importance or proximity to river and other resources. However, there were quite a [...]


Samsung are at the peak of consumer technological innovation and their products infiltrate our existences at every turn. The modern mobile phone has become something of a showpiece for a manufacturers wares and Samsung certainly excel in this department. Their [...]


A message of friendship that was put in a bottle and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean from the East Coast of Canada in 1985, is found 28 years later on the Croatian coast after sailing no less than 8000 km.. [...]

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